Proposal Preparation


The following are the recommendations and requirements for proposal preparation for UA Little Rock faculty and staff. If you have any questions as you prepare your proposal, please contact ORSP.


Researchers should start working on proposals early to avoid any delays. ORSP requests that all proposals and agreements be submitted to our office at least five (5) business days before the sponsor’s submission deadline to allow for the required review and institutional approval. Visit the Proposal Submission page for instructions for submitting your proposal to ORSP.

The ORSP editor is available to edit proposals upon request. It is best to contact the editor at least a week before your proposal is due to ORSP.

Policy: Requirement to Submit Proposals and to Receive Awards for Grants and Contracts through the University



All proposals and agreements must be reviewed and signed by the appropriate officials at the university before submission, whether or not it is required by the sponsor.

ORSP requires a completed and signed copy of the Proposal Authorization Form (PAR)* to be submitted to our office with each proposal or agreement. On the PAR, you are responsible for obtaining the co-PI(s) (if applicable), department chair/unit director, dean, and college/unit signatures. ORSP will obtain the other signatures.

If your proposal involves human subjects, animals, or biohazardous materials, contact the appropriate review boards early, preferably before you submit the proposal to ORSP.

If your proposal or agreement does not contain a detailed budget, please provide ORSP with a detailed budget along with your submission to our office. Detailed budget templates** can be found on our forms page.

View our frequently requested information for the institutional information most needed for proposal completion, such as UA Little Rock’s identifiers, fringe benefits, and indirect cost rates.

To discuss working with the ORSP editor, Lydia Perry, on your proposal, email leperryatualrdotedu.

Helpful Tips

For best results when preparing proposals, follow these guidelines:

  • Start early
  • Share ideas with peers and ORSP in the development stage
  • Shop the idea with the sponsors
  • Tailor proposal to sponsor’s agenda
  • Request resources that reflect an honest understanding of what it would take to successfully complete the project
  • Request adequate resources
  • Follow sponsor’s guidelines
  • Organize proposals carefully
  • Write clearly and concisely
  • Review budgets and resources with your department chair, dean, and ORSP
  • Secure necessary committee reviews and certifications and obtain support letters in a timely manner

*Proposal Authorization Request form
Proposal Authorization Request

The PAR is a fillable PDF. This form should accompany all proposal submissions to ORSP.

**Detailed Budget Forms
UA Little Rock detail budget for 5 year period
UA Little Rock detail budget for 5 year period with cost share

The Detailed Budget forms assist in budget development.


NSF Merit Review Process and Research Proposal Preparation
NSF Merit Review Process and Research Proposal Preparation

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