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Curriculum Process Contacts

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New Programs/Program Changes
Online-only Programs
Records & Registration
College Contacts
Curriculum Committees

For New Programs and Program Changes

  • Nathan Holloway, M.A. – Contact for Program Changes and Updates (PCFs)
    Curriculum Coordinator & Special Projects Coordinator

Serves as the liaison for program reviews and the university’s academic point of contact for the UA Board of  Trustees, Arkansas Department of Higher Education, and the Arkansas Department of Education. Nathan provides support to faculty throughout the external curriculum review process.Contact:

  • Erin Finzer, Ph.D. –Contact for Guidance for revising Programs, exhaustive changes, and resource allocation concerns
    Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs – Continuous Improvement

Responsible for oversight of all curricular processes in the Academic Affairs division, including assessment, program reviews, and accreditation. Dr. Finzer is happy to provide guidance on the internal and external approval processes for all curriculum proposals.Contact: 

For Undergraduate/Dual-listed Courses/Graduate/Law and Program Changes

  • Nathan Holloway, M.A. – Contact for Undergraduate, Graduate, and CORE Curriculum Questions 
    Curriculum Coordinator & Special Projects Coordinator

Responsible for all curriculum changes and serves a liaison for the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Core Council. He provides support to faculty throughout the undergraduate curriculum review process.Contact:

For Online Programs

  • Rihane Williams – Contact for Online Programs
    Online Campus Liaison

Engages with relevant stakeholders and provides strategic support for Online Campus operations with a focus on recruitment, enrollment, and retention.Contact:

Records and Registration Contacts

  • Malissa Mathis – Contact for Guidance for revising Programs and exhaustive changes related to BANNER/Degree Works implementation and higher education regulations.

Responsible for leadership and oversight of the Office of Records and Registration which processes registration requests, schedules classes, maintains class lists, and keeps a permanent record of grades and marks. Malissa also guides the Undergraduate Curriculum Council. Contact:

  • Dana Steele – Contact for questions about BANNER/Degree Works implementation and Graduate Catalog questions.
    Associate Registrar

Responsible for coordinating registration requests, scheduling and maintaining class lists, enforce the rules for entering or leaving classes. Dana is also the academic editor for the Graduate School Catalog and serves as a liaison to the Graduate Curriculum Council. Contact:

  • Christine Jones, M.A. – Contact for Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog questions
    Academic Editor and Web Manager

Responsible for the Office of Records and Registration website and manages the Academic Catalogs online portal. Chrissy provides support to faculty on the processes related to the catalog and manages the publication of the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. Contact:

College Liaisons for Curriculum

College of Business, Health, and Human Services

  • Collier-Tenison, Shannon
    Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, College of Education and Health Professions

College of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education

  • Lewis, Johanna Miller
    Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences

Donaghey College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

University-Level Curriculum Councils

The university-level Curriculum Committees include the Undergraduate Council (UGC) and Graduate Council (GC). In addition, the Council on Core Curriculum (CORE) reviews general core education courses.

Many times, member of the councils mentioned above will be able to help you navigate the curriculum process, give you advice on what the university-level councils’ expectations, and provide insight for your particular college’s perspective.

To consult with your college’s curriculum representative:
Find Your Rep: Undergraduate Council (UGC) | Graduate Council (GC) | Council On Core Curriculum (CORE).