Estimate your GPA

Use the tool below to enter your grades for classes for each semester and then calculate your anticipated overall GPA.


  1. To begin, enter your information for each class in one semester. The quality points automatically update.
  2. Add a row to add a new class.
  3. When you have added all of your classes for that particular semester, then Add to Overall GPA. Your information for that semester moves to the second table and is saved there, allowing you to return to the first table to enter another semester of classes.
  4. If you see NaN (not a number) appear in any field, refresh your browser and begin with step one again, being sure to add new rows before submitting.

To calculate your overall GPA with this semester’s grades included:

  1. Enter only grades from this semester.
  2. Find your overall transcript GPA hours and Quality Points. These may be obtained from BOSS. Under the Student Services & Financial Aid tab, go to Student Records, then select Academic Transcript, and click Submit. Find the “Transcript Totals” table near the bottom and note the GPA hours and Quality Points.

From your transcript:

  1. Obtain your transcript from the Records and Registration office. The total GPA hours and Quality Points are on the Total Institution credit line.
  2. Enter the GPA hours and Quality Points in the proper fields.
  3. Click Calculate.

Course Title Credit Hour Course Grade Quality Points
Overall GPA Calculator Hours Quality Points
Enter Custom Transcript Totals:

NOTE: The anticipated overall GPA is only an approximate value. The Grade Point Average calculator is only an estimate of your grade point average. Final GPA for semester and overall are displayed in BOSS within 24 hours after grades are due each semester.

Know the terms

Course Title is optional

Credit Hour
Number of Credit Hours – Defined in the Catalog page 261: “This is the standard unit of measurement for university-level work applicable toward a degree.”
This number is the second digit in the Course Number (Course Number is a four digit number).
This number is listed with the course in the Class Schedule.
Credit Hours have been known to be abbreviated to “Credit” or just “Cred”.

Course Grade
The expected/received Letter Grade of the course. Lower or upper case letters are acceptable
Only the grades considered as normal grading mode can be entered: A, B, C, D, or F.
It does not recognize an incomplete grade.