Certificate in Online Writing Instruction

To apply for the Graduate Certificate in Online Writing Instruction, visit UALR Online or email Dr. Heidi Harris at haharris@ualr.edu.

Graduate Certificates in Rhetoric and Writing

Uploaded by Dr. Heidi Skurat Harris on 2017-03-12.

The Graduate Certificate in Online Writing Instruction is an 18 hour program that includes the following classes:

  • RHET 7371 Introduction to Online Writing Instruction (7 weeks)
  • RHET 7372 Multimedia for Online Writing Instruction (7 weeks)
  • RHET 7373 Special Topics in Online Writing Instruction (7 weeks)
  • RHET 7360 Practicum (15 weeks)
  • A Graduate-Level Theory Course (15 weeks)
  • One elective in Rhetoric and Writing (7- or 15-weeks)

*Applicants to the program who have already taken a graduate level theory course can have that course requirement waived upon review.

Students can complete the certificate

  1. as a concentration in the M.A. in Professional and Technical Writing,
  2. as a stand-alone, 9-month program (9 hours per term) or
  3. one course at a time (finish in roughly two years).

Courses are offered on the following schedule:

Fall Term (2019)
Spring Term (2020)
RHET 7371 Intro to Online Writing Instruction

RHET 7372 Multimedia in OWI

RHET 7360 Practicum

RHET 7310 Composition Theory

RHET 7371 Introduction to OWI

RHET 7373: Special Topics in OWI: Feedback and Assessment

RHET 7360 Practicum

Why Complete the Graduate Certificate in Online Writing Instruction?

As online courses become an increasingly popular means of teaching writing in secondary and higher education settings, current teachers and those preparing to become teachers need specific instruction in creating effective online writing courses.

In recognition of these challenges, the Conference on College Composition and Communication Committee on Effective Practices for Online Writing Instruction developed the Position Statement on Principles and Example Effective Practices for Online Writing Instruction.

This Graduate Certificate is the ONLY graduate-level certificate in the country that provides writing teachers with graduate-level accredited professional development hours specifically in online writing instruction.

In the words of Wendy McCloud, M.A. Student in Professional and Technical Writing and graduate of the Graduate Certificate in Online Writing Instruction:

Before starting this graduate certificate program, I had no clue how much  goes into creating online courses that are clear, concise, easily understood, and line up with necessary educational learning goals. Now that I’m involved with all the “behind the scenes” scenarios of online course creation, I have a much greater appreciation for all the hard work and personal investment instructors provide for the benefit of their students and the university. This program is also honing my technical writing skills by teaching me how to implement multi-modal methods of instruction, making me highly marketable for future job prospects!

Admission requirements

Non-Arkansas residents can apply for reduced tuition through UALR Online.

  • GPA of 3.0 or better*
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Writing sample
  • 1 letter of recommendation

Contact Dr. Heidi Harris (haharris@ualr.edu) for more details regarding admission to the Graduate Certificate in Online Writing Instruction.

*If you are interested in the OWI certificate program and have a GPA below 3.0, you can apply for conditional admission.

Graduation requirements

GPA of 3.0 or better for all required courses.