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Welcome to Procurement Services

Welcome to Procurement Services. The staff in our office has over one hundred years of accumulated experience in the field of Public Procurement and is proud to serve the needs of the university faculty and staff.

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Deadline dates, fiscal year ending June 30, 2015

Fiscal Year 2015 will be ending soon and it is time to review purchasing deadlines for the submission of requisitions. In order to meet year end deadlines, requisitions must be received early enough to allow for purchase, receipt of delivery, and payment before the fiscal year ends. Requisitions received after the deadlines may require additional approval from the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance.

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Other fiscal year end reminders

Credit card July statements. The CTS, Travel, and P-Card July statements will have some charges from June that departments need to pay from FY15 funds. Therefore, it is imperative that the schedule for reallocating charges be strictly followed.

Fiscal year 15 open commitments. Departments are reminded to review their open commitments. A list of encumbrances that have remaining balances in Banner is available by navigating to FGIOENC, Organizational Encumbrance List. Please notify Procurement Services via email if any encumbrances need to be closed.

Reimbursement Claim Form. The last day to submit Reimbursement Claim Forms for FY15 will be May 30.

Travel authorizations. Travel authorizations for travel in FY16 will not be processed until July 1.

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