Introducing Video Everywhere

Kaltura Media provides several options for video media content in your courses. You may Upload, Record From a Webcam, or Screen Capture and manage your media content from your computer.

An additional media option, also located in the Content Editor, Video Everywhere, lets you access your computer webcam to create, upload, access and manage hosted videos on your YouTube channel and link them to your online course.

Access to Video Everywhere     Video Everywhere

You may use Video Everywhere to communicate with students anywhere the Content Editor is accessible.

The Content Editor is available through the course tabs: Build Content, Assessments, and Tools options. 

While each option has its own functionality, Video Everywhere works the same throughout.

As an instructor you may use these options to create video communications for your students or link to video content you may have on your own YouTube channel. Students also have access to Video Everywhere with the same basic functionality.

More Information:

Blackboard Learn Quick Hit: Video Everywhere Building Block
Please visit Blackboard’s Getting Started with Video Everywhere PDF.

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