Campus Map, Parking, and Trolley Information

Testing Services has moved to the new Student Services Center room 315 (SSC 315). Most of our tests, such as Compass, DEPS, Prov, CLEP, and CAPE, offered during the week, are administered at this location. Saturday national exams, such as ACT, LSAT, and MPRE, are usually administered in Ross Hall, but not all. Please refer to your test day admission ticket to make certain you are reporting to the correct building.

MONDAYs through FRIDAYs, most tests are administered in the Student Services Center room 315. You may park in the deck which is just off 32nd Street and Taylor. It costs $1.00 in exact change to exit the parking deck. No staff is available to make change.

On SATURDAYs, most parking lots (including employee parking lots) are open. Lot 5 is the closest to Ross Hall, which is where most of our national exams are administered on Saturdays. You can find Lot 5 on our campus map. Do not park in reserved parking or places designated for persons with disabilities.

Parking Deck Access:
  1. Traveling on Fair Park Boulevard, turn west on 32nd Street. The parking deck entrance will be on your left just before you approach the Methodist Student Center.
  2. Traveling south on Campus Drive West, turn left on to 32nd street, go over the creek bridge, then turn right on Taylor Street. The parking deck entrance will be just in front of you and on your right. Use the campus map.
  3. If you enter the campus from University Drive (the intersection nearest Ross Hall), you will not be able to drive across campus to park in the deck. To avoid problems, make sure you approach the parking deck from the east side of campus (Fair Park Boulevard turning on to 32nd Street) or from the north side of campus (28th Street turning on to Campus Drive West, then turn on to 32nd Street). See the campus map for specifics.
  4. Note that through-traffic is no longer permitted on Campus Drive West near Lot 2.
Other Available Parking if the Deck is Full:
  1. Lot 13 East and Lot 13 West are open lots meaning one does not have to be a UALR student or possess a hangtag to park.
  2. Lot 12 requires a UALR ID card.
  3. Lot 2 requires a UALR ID card.
  4. Metered lots are available but only for very short periods of time. Your vehicle will be ticketed if the meter runs out.  If you plan to visit an office for more than just a few minutes, use the parking deck.

The UALR Department of Public Safety is always available to answer questions about parking.