Equinox is a journal of contemporary literature and art at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Our aim is to continue a forty-five year history of discovering and sharing the voices of UALR graduates and undergraduates by creating an annual showcase of literature, interviews, and art.

We accept submissions from UALR students and alumni and award prizes for the best fiction, poetry, and art each year. If you would like to send in your work for consideration, please visit our submissions page for more information.

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Jeffrey Condran       Heather K. Hummel

Jeffrey Condran and Heather Hummel are the Faculty Advisors of Equinox.

Allison Ousnamer

Managing Editor Allison Ousnamer is a junior at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where she is majoring in English with a minor in creative writing. She is the recipient of the Marilyn Keys Scholarship and is a member of the William G. Cooper, Jr. Honors Program in English and a recipient of the program’s stipend for three semesters. Allison was the winner of the 2015 Alma K. Dougherty Award for excellence in fiction and is one of two UALR undergraduate students to be selected to read on a panel at the 2016 Arkansas Philological Association conference. She also interns at the independent publishing house, Braddock Avenue Books, and plans to pursue a career in publishing and creative writing.

Jared Lemus Pic

Managing Editor Jared Lemus is a guitarist aficionado who also plays bass. He’s a psychology major with a minor in creative writing. He’s been published in Hot Metal Bridge Press Magazine, has a short story collection that won best short story collection for 2016 on Channillo.com, and is one of the two undergraduates from UALR selected to read at the 2016 Arkansas Philological Association. Some of his writing influences are Palahniuk, Bukowski, Vonnegut, and Kerouac. So far, his experience with writing can be summed up like this: necessary surgery without an anesthetic. Post-graduation, he plans on pursuing an MFA in creative writing. Until then, he looks forward to reading all of your submissions.

Tyler Payne PicTreasure Tyler Payne is a very unusual sort of person, though very likable, hopefully. He is an English major, with an emphasis in Creative Writing. He is the son of missionaries, born and raised in Mexico. Having no home culture, he seeks to create his own and finds acceptance in the society of other Missionary Kids. He enjoys writing very much and loves to play and listen to music, especially Irish music, which reminds him of the ocean. He also likes to debate with his brother, a speech comm. major, on how to properly communicate ideas.

Shara RichardsShara Richards is an aspiring paid/published writer. She would love to make a living and provide well for her family doing something she loves. She has been married for fourteen years and counting. Shara has three wonderful boys that are her heart’s delight. When she is not busy cooking, cleaning, and caring for others, she likes to write. Shara is an avid gardener. She loves to feed and watch birds. She also enjoys volunteering to help the homeless and donating blood. Finding ways to do good and give back to others is an investment she finds most worthwhile. Shara Richards would like for you to know that you can do if you want to. Be happy, help others, and follow your good dreams, it’s something we all can do. She wants you to have a great day because she sure is.

Krystopher Stephens PicKrystopher Stephens is a 30 something year old English Major with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in Legal Studies. Krystopher is a second term intern for Equinox. He enjoys reading and writing and is a hopeless poet. He is also a social justice advocate for the local LGBTQ community.
Kaitlin Strain

Kaitlin (Worley) Strain is a freelance writer, specializing in grants for for nonprofits, small businesses, and start-ups. She is a graduate of Hendrix College, with a degree in psychology, and is currently studying writing at UALR. She is also a board member for Firehouse Hostel & Museum and an avid volunteer within the local community.

Gene Reid Pic

Gene Reid is a post baccalaureate student with an interest in learning to write. He retired in 2016 from a thirty-seven year career in medicine and specialized in psychiatry. Gene plays guitar with several local bands and has been active in the Little Rock songwriting community since 2009. He has two grown millennial offspring who keep him honest most of the time. Gene is grateful for the opportunity to learn the art and craft of writing in the university setting of UALR.

Kayla Ibarra Pic

Kayla Ibarra is a post baccalaureate student that is taking a couple classes just for the heck of it! She majored in Theater Performance, and also minored in Film back in the day. She has recently rekindled her affair with books, and can often be found walking around campus just reading. She loves writing poetry, being outdoors, watching movies, and telling the lamest jokes you’ve ever heard.

Josephus Williams Pic

Josephus Williams is something past a senior, majoring in music theory with a minor in creative writing. A preacher’s kid, church musician and a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, he already holds an Associate’s degree in General Studies. At times he doesn’t speak much but is great at debates, speeches and presentations and also possesses a very good speaking voice. When he’s not outside his comfort zone, this on-again off-again basketball and chess player wastes time writing (and sometimes performing) poetry, composing and listening to music and watching the same handful of movies over and over again. Post-graduation, he plans to pursue graduate studies in music and start, or continue rather, his career in performing arts, teaching and ministry.

Kristina Yarberry Pic

Kristina Yarberry is a junior majoring in English/Creative Writing. After graduating, she plans to begin working toward an MA in Professional and Technical Writing with a focus on editing. She thoroughly enjoys music (both creating and listening to it), video games (though she isn’t very good at them), and art. Her favorite instruments are her voice and a good set of drums, but she also plays guitar. Of course, as she plans to spend so much of her time studying writing, it goes without saying that she enjoys that too (even though it sometimes feels like pulling teeth). After completing her education, she hopes to begin a career as an editor, writing works of fiction in her spare time.

Olivia Dunlap Pic

Olivia Dunlap is a student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock majoring in both English and computer science with an emphasis on game design. She is a member of the William G. Cooper, Jr. Honors Program in English, and her shared passions for technology and literature have grown into a prevalent interest in interactive fiction and digital media.

Should you be interested in joining us either as an intern or volunteer, we’d love to have you.  Please email us at equinox@ualr.edu for more information.