Equinox is a student-run journal of contemporary literature and art at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Our aim is to discover and nurture the voices of our diverse student body by creating an annual showcase of visual art, poetry, fiction, and drama.

We accept submissions from any UALR student. Equinox also awards prizes for the best submissions in poetry, fiction, and art each year. Please visit our submissions page to find out more and submit.

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Jeffrey Condran Heather K. Hummel

Jeffrey Condran and Heather Hummel are the Faculty Advisors of Equinox.

Allison OusnamerManaging Editor Allison Ousnamer is a junior at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where she is majoring in English with a minor in creative writing. Allison is the recipient of the Marilyn Keys Scholarship as well as the Alma K. Dougherty Award for excellence in creative fiction. She is also a member of the William G. Cooper, Jr. Honors Program in English and a recipient of the program’s biannual stipend. Allison plans to pursue a career in publishing once she has completed her degree.

Casey OwenManaging Editor Casey Owen is a senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Creative Writing. Mortal enemy of the sun, Casey starts his mornings around midnight and appreciates nothing more than good horror. He also enjoys anime and League of Legends. His plans after graduation are to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing and a career in general existence.

Savannah AdamsArt Editor Savannah Adams is a student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She is an English major with minors in Linguistics and Geography. She has been a web developer, layout designer, and illustrator, and is interested in the intersections of literature, technology, and design.

Tristan BetheaTristan Bethea is an English and Philosophy double major soon to graduate, but more importantly, Tristan Bethea is not technically human. He is comprised of 21 cats operating a human suit and doing human things in it. There is a cat who thinks she is James Joyce, one who would like to be Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and another who plays Ghostface Killah at a dismaying level while the other cats discuss Foucault and Brian Wilson’s importance at an unnecessary volume. What binds them together, besides their bipedal disguise, is their incredible laziness and their relentless desire to drink at a bar, which they are barred from as none of them are 21.

Philip GrayPhilip Gray is a senior at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where he studies English with an emphasis on creative writing. Philip’s goal after graduation is to work in publishing and to write fiction and poetry. He has a particular interest in experimental fiction and art.

Jared LemusJared Lemus is a guitarist aficionado who also plays bass. He’s a psychology major with a minor in creative writing. He’s recently been fortunate enough to become a first-time dad; his son, Jack, is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Some of his writing influences are Palahniuk, Bukowski, Vonnegut, and Kerouac. So far, his experience with writing can be summed up like this: necessary surgery without an anesthetic. Unlike most people, he’s usually spotted running into walls because his face is shoved in a book, not an iPhone. He currently shares his house with a bunny, a dog, and two turtles.

Cali MoritzCali Moritz is an art student currently working on her BFA with an emphasis in Painting and minors in Photography and Creative Writing.  Coffee addict, night blogger, and book hoarder, she has a passion for fantasy and science fiction with sociopolitical overtones and feminist themes. Post-graduation, she intends to pursue an MFA in Painting.

Olivia BarryOlivia Barry is an English major with a minor in Linguistics. Somewhere between her penchant for building World War II balsa wood airplanes and saving the known world (for about the 17,000th time) in a video game lies an intense love of reading. With no particular favorite genre, she enjoys anything from the classics to modern Young Adult literature, with little nodes of interest scattered everywhere in-between. From Tristram Shandy to Ulysses and that recent foray into Gravity’s Rainbow and War and Peace, let’s just say if one’s going to go insane, it might as well be on good literature.

Tyler PayneTyler Payne is a very unusual sort of person, though very likable, hopefully. He is an English major, with an emphasis in Creative Writing. He is the son of missionaries, born and raised in Mexico. Having no home culture, he seeks to create his own and finds acceptance in the society of other Missionary Kids. He enjoys writing very much and loves to play and listen to music, especially Irish music, which reminds him of the ocean. He also likes to debate with his brother, a speech comm. major, on how to properly communicate ideas.

Shara RichardsShara Richards is an aspiring paid/published writer. She would love to make a living and provide well for her family doing something she loves. She has been married for fourteen years and counting. Shara has three wonderful boys that are her heart’s delight. When she is not busy cooking, cleaning, and caring for others, she likes to write. Shara is an avid gardener. She loves to feed and watch birds. She also enjoys volunteering to help the homeless and donating blood. Finding ways to do good and give back to others is an investment she finds most worthwhile. Shara Richards would like for you to know that you can do if you want to. Be happy, help others, and follow your good dreams, it’s something we all can do. She wants you to have a great day because she sure is.

Krys StephensKrystopher Stephens is an English Major minoring in Creative Writing and Legal Studies. He has no idea when he will graduate and is a poet, book lover, insomniac, activist, and advocate. You’ll recognize Krystopher as “that random trans guy you definitely know but can’t remember why.”

Kaitlin StrainKaitlin Strain is a post-baccalaureate student with a previous degree in Psychology. She’s back in school for round two, this time following her passion for creative writing. She is a health insurance professional by day, non-profit entrepreneur by evening, mommy by night, and flower child on weekends. She does not have any hobbies, only whims. She has learned, loved, and discarded almost any hobby one can imagine. She is also prone to getting involved in surreal or absurd situations. For example, she once paid a man holding her at knifepoint three dollars not to rob her. He blessed her before they parted ways. She also accidentally started a dance party in the street once. They were dancing in the street. Someone even began an impromptu game of limbo. This is one of her proudest accomplishments.

MJ WalkerMJ Walker is a Mass Communications major with a Media Production and Design emphasis and a Creative Writing Minor. She is currently working on a full-feature screenplay that she’s hoping will serve as her breakthrough into the film industry. As she pursues a screenwriting career, she also wants to develop series pilots for both cable and network television. She enjoys drama films, Game of Thrones, Sharon Olds, and all things television.

Should you be interested in joining us either as an intern or volunteer, we’d love to have you.  Please email us at equinox@ualr.edu for more information.