In Depth: Blackboard Content System

Blackboard CE 8 users are familiar with the concept from the File Manager tool. Documents linked in your course content are stored in a file system that only you as the instructor can access, allowing you to manage course content outside of the course.

But Blackboard Learn 9.1’s Content Collection expands upon this concept, providing new functionality in Blackboard to manage course documents.

Share documents with your class

Content Collection lets you share a single version of a document with multiple sections. This helps you manage content for multiple sections of a course from a single file.

For example, you can create a syllabus for a course and share it with each uncombined section that you’re teaching. When you update the file for the next semester, the changes are automatically displayed for each section that has access to the file.

Manage course documents

In Content Collection, you have multiple folders where you can manage your course documents. Each course comes with its own folder and each instructor also receives their own folder with personal space to store documents to be shared outside of the course structure.

You may also receive access to public folders, like the those made available by the Ottenheimer Library or those used by a specific college. Finally, a bookmarks feature is available to help organize important documents in one location.

Share documents with anyone

Content Collection also makes it easy for you to share files with colleagues and students who don’t have access to your course shell.

Share with specific users by simply adding their NetID to the permissions list. You can also make documents and folders available to the institution or even to the public.

Control Permissions

With Content Collection, you can control what specific users can do with the content you share.

By sharing a document, you provide basic read-only access to your course files and folders by default. But you can also customize permissions to allow those users to edit and manage the content you share.

So, if you were collaborating on a document with several people, you could add them to your original content and adjust their permissions so that they can also contribute to the document.

Or, if you want to share a document with just one or two people for a period of time, Content Collection allows you to give them a “pass” to your content based on the time you determine.

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