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Starting September 1st, we will retire Blackboard CE8 and faculty will no longer be able to access their courses or files located on that server.

Though all courses using Blackboard will switch to 9.1 starting this summer, you will retain access to your CE8 courses from previous semesters until the September deadline.

Whether you decide to take the recommended path of redesigning your course from scratch or choose to work with a course migrated from Blackboard CE8, you’ll find a variety of options for training and reference, both online and in person.

As always, you can contact us at or call us at 501.569.8954 for questions about the migration.

No need to delay, get help today!

To prepare for the transition we recommend taking advantage of our varied training and support resources. Review the options for both face-to-face and online training by visiting our workshop descriptions page.

We encourage to pay close attention to the Track 5 series of online workshops that cover everything from the basics to advanced communication. If you prefer a face-to-face option, begin with Track 1: Blackboard Basics.

There are many self-serve resources available on the BB Support Tab. This tab is accessible after logging-in to Blackboard and features quick start guides, training manuals and video tutorials.

For one-on-one assistance, consider setting up a virtual appointment. Working with a member of the STaR office, you can ask questions and receive hands-on demonstrations. As always, you are welcome to send us an email or give us a call.

Get started today by checking out our Blackboard Basics Resource Guide.

Don’t get left behind – Redesign!

We encourage faculty to redesign courses and take advantage of the many new features and tools available in Blackboard 9.1.

These include easy ways to add engaging content using the Mashup tool and improved group work-spaces with file exchanges and access to a variety of communication tools.
Learn more about what’s new in 9.1.

Courses in 9.1 are limited to 200 MB in space, providing another reason to redesign your course. Limited space also requires practicing good file management and considering the best way to add content.

To help with file management we’ve created a resource guide, providing tips and tricks for adding large files to your course such as PowerPoint presentations and multimedia files. Review the guide here.

Sticking with the old? Migration need-to-know!

If you prefer to migrate a course, there are some important things you should know.

  • Courses which originated in WebCT 4 and were migrated into CE 8 should be rebuilt. WebCT 4 courses may not work properly if migrated to Blackboard 9.1.
  • Courses must be under the 200 MB size limit in order to be copied into a live shell. We encourage you to review our File Management Resource Guide for recommendations on reducing your course size.
  • We are currently in the progress of migrating all courses taught between Fall of 2009 – Spring 2012. You can request access to courses by completing this form.
  • In order to maintain optimal performance levels on our Blackboard server, we will be archiving and purging any unused migrated courses over the next few semesters. This means you should only request access to a single version of a course and only those courses which you plan to use.
  • Once you gain access to a migrated course in 9.1, you can prepare it to be copied into a live shell by following the recommendations in the Working with Your Migrated Course Resource Guide.

Blackboard Basics & Working with your migrated course – face to face training opportunities

To provide assistance for faculty making the transition to Blackboard 9.1 this summer, we are providing some face-to-face training sessions during the last week of May.

Click on the workshop title to register :

Blackboard Basics: 5/1 -10am | 5/2 – 1pm

Working With Your Migrated Course: 4/30 – 1pm | 5/3 – 10am

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