Blackboard Training

Face-to-Face Training

Currently we offering face-to-face training based on appointment only.  These workshops can cover everything from the basics to more advanced topics like interaction and engagement.   We encourage you to schedule a group session with your colleagues. It’s more fun that way and we can tailor the training to meet your needs.  Contact the STaR office to schedule a customized workshop today!

Online Training

Our online workshops are fully online and self-paced, covering everything from the basics to encouraging community in an online course.  Workshops are scheduled to start every two weeks to encourage cohorts.  However, there is no set completion time and participants have ongoing access to these workshops so that they can be returned to whenever needed.

The courses run for two week sessions and are completely asynchronous.  A facilitator provides feedback and guidance throughout the session.  Faculty are able to be to share and interact with one another while discussing best practices and gaining hands-on experience in the online environment. It is recommended to begin with the Getting Started workshop before moving on to any of the other online workshops.

Training to Get You Started

Join us as we kick-off the semester with two training sessions to get you off to a great start.

 Blackboard Basics 
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Need-to-Know Information for Teaching Online at UALR

    • Experience the Course as a Student
    • Working with Your Course Menu
    • Customizing Your Course
    • Day 1 Tasks

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Getting Started – This course provides a hands-on introduction to the teaching and learning features of Blackboard Learn. Participants will also become familiar with some common start-up tasks, such as organizing the Course Menu, customizing the course style, creating announcements, adding calendar entries, setting up discussion forums, and adding textbook information.

Topics covered: The Student Experience, Teaching in Blackboard Learn, The Instructor Experience, Sharing Materials, First Day Tasks.

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Building Courses – In this course, participants will learn the principles and processes involved in building a course from the ground up.

Topics covered: Planning Your Course, Course Building Basics, Using Course Files, Presenting Your Content, Evaluating Your Course.

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Designing Engaging Content -In this course, participants will learn strategies for effectively designing and organizing content to increase student engagement within your courses. As participants work through the lessons, they will develop a plan for improving their own courses and build a sample lesson that incorporates some of the techniques discussed. Finally, participants will learn how to adaptively release content to students.

Topics covered:  Plans and Possibilities, Prepare Your Content, Create Your Lesson, Customize Content Delivery

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Assessing Learners – In this course, participants are introduced to the features and functions of the tools used to deliver assignments and assess students in Blackboard Learn.  In addition to learning the tools best practices for presenting assignments and ideas for deterring cheating are included.

Topics Covered: Creating Assignments, Managing Assignments, Creating Assessments, Deploying Assessments, Grading Assessments, Advanced Questions, Question Pools and Sets.

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Enhancing Communication – Participants will learn to effectively use select Blackboard Learn communication tools to increase student engagement within their course. After exploring strategies for building community among students, participants will experiment with the tools to help decide which are best for their course.  

Topics Covered: Introduction to tools, Creating Discussions, Working with Discussions, Encouraging Collaboration, and Using Chat.

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Building Online Communities – In this course, participants will further explore some of the communication and collaboration tools Blackboard Learn has to offer. Participants will have ample opportunity to communicate, gain feedback, and share ideas with colleagues while using the tools.

Topics covered: Making the Most of Discussions, Journals and Blogs, Working with Wikis, Collaborating with Groups, Evaluating Students

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Monitoring Student Performance – In this course, participants will gain in-depth knowledge of the tools and features that help monitor and evaluate student performance.

Topics covered: The Grade Center, the Early Warning System, the Performance Dashboard, the Review Status feature, and the reports and statistics to better track student progress.

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