CAPE Foreign Language Placement

University Credit-by-Exam Policy 503.5

The CAPE (Computer Adaptive Placement Exams) are designed to measure your current skill level in French, German, and/or Spanish, and place you in the correct course according to your skills. The tests are multiple choice. There are no listening or speaking portions.

Appointment is Required

An appointment is required for all tests. Please call Testing Services at 501.569.3198 to reserve a date and time. Hours of operation and appointment times


This is a ONE-TIME-ONLY TEST. If you need to study, please do so BEFORE you come in to take the test. While there are no official study guides available, you may certainly review textbooks that you still have from previous study. You can also go online and type “Spanish review” (or French or German) in the search box of your favorite search engine.


There is no charge for the CAPE tests.


You must have appropriate photo ID to be admitted. A current (unexpired) government issued ID is acceptable: driver’s license, military ID, passport, State ID or UALR ID card.

Time Limit

There is no time limit. Most students finish within 10 to 30 minutes. You receive your score immediately.

UALR Policy

You do not earn credits merely by taking a CAPE test — but if you enroll in the appropriate course and earn an “A” or “B” you will be awarded credit for any prerequisite courses.

For example: If you take the GCAPE (German CAPE) and earn a score of 37. You would enroll in GERM 2312. If you earn an “A” or “B” in GERM 2312, you would be awarded credit for GERM 1311, 1312, and 2311, for a total of 12 credit hours.

Earn Credits without Taking a Class

You should take a CLEP exam, instead of CAPE, to earn course credit.

Proficient in another Language

If you are proficient in a language, contact the chairperson of the Division of International and Second Language Studies in Stabler 301 to discuss your options on placement testing in other languages.

During peak times (for example, when a semester is about to begin), we may have lines of students waiting to test. Avoid the rush — test early! We are here throughout the year.


If you take one of these tests,
and your score (level) is,
you should enroll in:
If you earn a grade of “A” or “B” in the course, you will receive credit for the prerequisite(s)
French (FCAPE) 0 – 15 FREN 1311 No prerequisite
16 – 23 FREN 1312 FREN 1311
24 – 32 FREN 2311 FREN 1311 & FREN 1312
33 or higher * Contact the Dept. of International & Second Language Studies
German (GCAPE) 0 – 15 GERM 1311 No prerequisite
16 – 23 GERM 1312 GERM 1311
24 – 32 GERM 2311 GERM 1311 & GERM 1312
33 or higher GERM 2312 Contact the Dept. of International & Second Language Studies
Spanish (SCAPE) 0 – 15 SPAN 1311 No prerequisite
16 – 23 SPAN 1312 SPAN 1311
24 – 32 SPAN 2311 SPAN 1311 & SPAN 1312
33 or higher * Contact the Dept. of International & Second Language Studies

*If you score 33 or higher on FCAPE or SCAPE, contact the Chairperson of the Department of International and Second Language Studies in Stabler 301 to discuss which course in which to enroll.

*FREN 2312 and SPAN 2312 are no longer offered at UALR.