Department of Management, Marketing, and Technology

The Department of Management, Marketing, and Technology offers you a variety of undergraduate and graduate program opportunities to prepare you for professional jobs in high demand fields.  These programs help you develop a strong foundation in the various disciplines of business on which to build technological, managerial, and professional skills sought by employers.  These programs are all designed to allow you flexibility in developing unique skills that will differentiate you in the marketplace.

  • The Business Information Systems Program focuses on the development of computer applications and analytics-based decision-making skills with a focus on project management, information security, and organizational communications. The graduate program complements technical skills with leadership and management skills needed to advance in the technology arena. The following options (STEM coded) can be completed fully online or synchronously through zoom:
    • BBA in Business Analytics
    • BBA in Business Information Systems
    • Certificate of Proficiency in Business Analytics
    • Master of Science in Business Information Systems and Analytics
    • Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics
    • Graduate Certificate in Business Information Systems
  • The Management Program equips students with the knowledge-based, technical, and managerial skills needed to become successful management professionals. Graduates are prepared to be organizational problem solvers and to create strategies and monitor projects to meet organizational goals.  The following degree options are available fully online:
    • General Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • The Marketing Program is designed to prepare students to enter the workforce prepared to create and implement innovative marketing and sales strategies that can significantly impact an organization’s success. The following program options are available:
    • BBA in Marketing with a Digital Marketing Emphasis (offered fully online)
    • BBA in Marketing with a Professional Sales Emphasis
    • Certificate of Proficiency in Professional Sales

Business faculty in these areas of specialization will be pleased to help you find the right program match for your career goals!