Overhead view of business degree students in campus lounge.

Undergraduate Programs

The UA Little Rock School of Business provides a quality business education strengthened by applied learning experiences. Our students have exceptional internship opportunities and are equipped to enter the job market and begin their careers.

Many of our undergraduate degrees are offered both in person and online. Explore our majors, minors, and certificate programs.

Degree Programs


Accounting is the language of business. This degree prepares you for careers in industry, small business, banking, large operations, nonprofits, and governmental agencies. Our program fulfills all the requirements to sit for professional certification exams, such as the CPA exam. This degree is offered in person and online. Curriculum: Accounting, B.B.A.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics prepares you to work in the high growth field of business/data analytics. You’ll learn how to use evidence-based data to make decisions and improve organizational effectiveness. This degree is offered in person and online. Curriculum, Business Analytics, B.B.A.

Business Information Systems

A degree in Business Information Systems helps you gain knowledge in all areas of business – accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing – while preparing you to apply your technical expertise in the high-demand IT field. This degree is offered in person and online. Curriculum: Business Information Systems, B.B.A.


Economics prepares students for careers in industry, financial services, or government. Students are also equipped for graduate study in law, business, and economics. This degree will develop students’ logical thinking skills, understanding of applied statistical analysis, and communication abilities. Curriculum: Economics, B.B.A.


Students majoring in finance develop the strong analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills necessary for success in today’s global business environment. This degree has three emphasis areas to choose from: General Finance, Financial Services and Risk Management, and Real Estate.
Curriculum: Finance, General Finance Emphasis, B.B.A.
Curriculum: Finance, Financial Services and Risk Management Emphasis, B.B.A.
Curriculum: Finance, Real Estate Emphasis, B.B.A.

International Business

This program uses an interdisciplinary approach to study the complexities of the international marketplace. Students pursuing a degree in International Business will learn about the impact of international business practices in the modern marketplace and examine various strategic options. Curriculum: International Business, B.B.A.


The Management program equips students with the knowledge-based skills needed to become successful management professionals. Graduates will be skilled in leadership, critical thinking, communication, and self-reliance. This degree has three emphasis areas: General Management, Human Resource Management, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This degree is offered in person and online. Curriculum: Management, B.B.A.


Marketing is about understanding people and how they think, feel, and react about products and services. A Marketing degree prepares you for careers in advertising, marketing, and sales. Graduates will understand the role of marketing in the global community and in individual organizations. This degree is offered in person and online. Curriculum: Marketing, B.B.A.