Leigh Green-BS Accounting 2010

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Students graduating with a UALR Accounting degree are prepared for professional careers in accounting, finance and banking, business, and government. The program emphasizes the practice of accounting, with coursework that covers every topic area of the CPA exam.

To find out if an Accounting major is best for you, contact the Accounting adviser through the Career Services Center or the Accounting Department Chair. If you are ready to become an Accounting major, then complete the declaration of major.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Accounting is to provide quality educational experiences that enable students to enter and advance within the accounting profession. In pursuit of this mission, the faculty is committed to providing effective teaching, relevant research, and academic, professional, and community service.

Educational Objectives

Graduates of our accounting programs should possess:
• Professional and technical knowledge
• Effective communication skills
• Analytical thinking abilities
• Knowledge of professional and ethical standards
• Professional aspirations.