Frequently Asked Questions

I’m on the do not call list, why are you calling me?

“Your telephone number was randomly generated by a computer, so every phone number is eligible, even unlisted numbers. We are not trying to sell anything and according to the DO NOT CALL LIST rules, calls made for the purpose of conducting a survey like this one, are allowed.”

If you have my telephone number, don’t you have my name and address?
“Since your number was randomly generated, we don’t have a name or address associated with the number. In addition, we will not ask for your name, address, or any personal information that could identify you and you can always refuse to answer any question you don’t want to.”

What is this about/Why should I do this?
“This information is combined with other interviews to understand the attitudes of Arkansas residents. Your input is very important. The more people who do the study, the more reliable the data collected and the more representative we are of the Arkansas state population.”

Why not interview me/Why wasn’t I selected?
“Our survey rules require that we randomly select one adult from each household we call. This is done so that we can be sure that our study results represent all adults in the county.”

Will anyone else see my answers?
“All of your answers will be combined along with all the other interviews to understand the attitudes, behaviors, and opinions of residents in Arkansas. Your telephone number is discarded once the results are compiled and your identity will never be included in the final report.”

I don’t have an opinion on this subject/I just moved here.
“These questions are very general and don’t require any specific knowledge about these issues in Arkansas in order to answer. We would only like your opinions; there are no right or wrong answers. The only requirement is that you are 18 or older, and you are a resident of this household.”