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APAC’s Professional Development Workshops allow individuals to take trainings that align with their own interests and needs. Offered throughout the year, these workshops are in-depth and include high levels of interaction. They run from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day with an hour break for lunch.

APAC can also develop or adapt workshops to meet the needs of organizations and agencies. Options include creating a new workshop specifically for an agency, adding additional topics, holding workshops in additional locations, adjusting the days or times, and more. Contact us if you are interested at or (501) 916-6050.

Workshops Open for Registration

The Spring 2023 workshops will be open for registration soon. To receive registration information as soon as it is available, join our mailing list by completing this Google form.

Workshop Topics

Arkansas Budget and Public Finance

Understand the state budget process in Arkansas as well as sound systems of financial management in the public sector. The first day of this workshop focuses on the Arkansas state budget process. Participants learn about primary revenues and expenditures in Arkansas, the budget cycle, key budgetary actors, and primary budget activities and deadlines. The second day of this workshop focuses on financial system elements and how to create a program or project budget.

Arkansas Government

Learn about the three branches of state government. Understand the legislative process including how to lobby for and pass legislation. Examine the recent reorganization of the executive branch and the duties of the seven constitutional offices. Delve into the structure of the state’s judiciary and how it affects government operations.

Conflict Management

Although conflict is inevitable, the ways in which we handle conflict are by choice. This workshop will discuss the effects of conflict on relationships, both personal and professional, and include practices to manage conflict in more constructive ways. Participants will learn how to assert themselves in conflicts, maintain cooperative and civil dialogue, and lead using constructive conflict strategies.

Crisis Communication

Effective leaders transcend the challenges that exist during an emergency and create new opportunities for innovation by being quick, accurate, and consistent with efforts to address and solve the crisis. In times of great difficulty, effective communication is paramount. This workshop offers strategies for leaders and teams to adequately plan for emergencies and prepare their organizations for routine and novel crises. This includes learning how to create a crisis communication plan and identifying techniques for improving crisis response.

Cultural Humility

Learn about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Using the philosophy of cultural humility, you will gain guidance about how individuals and organizations can mitigate implicit bias and micro-inequities to move towards intentional inclusivity.

Debate for Strategic Decision-Making

Learn a flexible, repeatable process to help your teams develop ideas, solve problems, and make strategic decisions. After the workshop, participants will communicate their ideas more effectively, understand the importance of listening critically, and know how to create a space for productive debate within their organizations.

Difficult Conversations

This workshop will teach you how to become more effective at navigating the inevitable difficult conversations you encounter in your professional (and personal) lives. You will learn about the factors that make conversations difficult, the underlying anatomy of a difficult conversation, and a five-phase approach for preparing for and having difficult conversations.

Discover Your Strengths

Identify your strengths and learn how to best leverage those strengths to work together with others. By focusing on your signature strengths, you will build stronger teams based on the unique strengths of each team member. You will identify your strengths before this workshop using the Clifton Strengths Assessment.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotions have the capacity to bring people together, but they also possess the ability to draw us apart. This workshop discusses the role of emotions in the workplace and how we can become better leaders through understanding them. The goal is to help participants better understand, develop, and leverage emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Leading Your Team

Discover your personal leadership style by examining exemplary leadership practices. Develop strategies for creating effective teams and techniques for improving shared decision-making in the workplace. Learn about the characteristics of quality leaders and team builders, who steer their teams towards cohesiveness, inclusion, and productivity.

Managing Human Resources

You will learn best practices for hiring, empowering, and holding employees accountable. This includes writing clear job expectations, interviewing effectively, creating a motivational work environment, and successfully handling performance problems.

Managing Public Disputes

Learn how to manage multi-party public disputes and collaboratively problem solve in the public sector. You will explore effective methods for analyzing and framing public issues and practice step-by-step procedures for solving problems collaboratively. Numerous case studies and real-world examples will be discussed and analyzed.

Measuring Impact

This workshop will introduce participants to the basic concepts and techniques of measuring program impact. Learn to develop logic models, choose appropriate evaluation and sampling designs, and collect relevant program data.

Meeting Facilitation

This workshop focuses on planning and facilitating effective meeting. You will learn how to set clear meeting goals and develop agendas to meet those goals. You will also practice techniques to accomplish common meeting tasks such as brainstorming, prioritizing, and action planning.

Navigating Change

Learn about the challenges leaders face when making change. Then discover techniques you can use to make changes that are more likely to be accepted and implemented.

Organizational Values & Ethics

Explore your responsibility of working as a public servant charged with protecting the public trust. You will refine your personal code of ethics and understand how personal codes of ethics affect decision making.

Presentation Skills

Take the panic out of public speaking by practicing strategies related to anxiety management, intentional organization of information, and building meaningful, engaging connections with listeners.

Project Management

Learn about best practices for project management from scoping to planning to execution. This workshop will help you manage your own project work more effectively and help your team(s) achieve their goals.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging stakeholders, both internal and external, is crucial to fulfilling an organization’s mission and purpose. Participants in this workshop will learn how to identify and map stakeholders, gain support for organizational goals, and develop protocols to connect and communicate with stakeholders effectively. Participants will understand how to leverage the power of partnerships to achieve maximum impact.


Steve Jobs once said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.” Through this workshop, participants will learn tools to harness that power. You will understand the components that make up an effective and impactful story. Then, provided with prompts, you will craft a personal or professional narrative. Learning how to tell a story can help you advocate and be a voice for those you serve.

Strategic Doing

This workshop will focus on building collaborations to meet complex challenges. Learn how to form action-oriented collaborations quickly, move them toward measuring outcomes, and make adjustments along the way.

Strategic Planning

Plan for the future of your agency, organization, or department. Learn how to develop a vision and create a road map that will guide your team towards that vision. This workshop will further aid in your understanding of how to set strategic goals, determine actions to achieve those goals, and measure your progress.

Writing for Business

In the current online work environment, writing skills become even more important. This engaging workshop offers many hands-on opportunities to work on real-world scenarios (emails, memos, reports, and more). Learn strategies to edit for clarity, develop persuasive arguments, write to different audiences for different purposes, and format documents to assist with reading comprehension.


Participants in Professional Development Workshops may be eligible to apply their workshop credit toward meeting requirements for the Arkansas Governmental Managers (AGM) and Arkansas Certified Public Managers® (CPM) certifications. Participants may also be eligible for continuing education credits (CEUs) with many professional organizations.

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