Certified Public Manager® Program

The Arkansas Certified Public Manager® (CPM) program focuses on developing highly skilled future leaders for the public sector.

The Arkansas Certified Public Manager® Program is Now Open for Fall 2020 Enrollment

This global pandemic highlights the necessity of having effective managers who handle change constructively, help their employees adjust to new work realities, and deal with crisis situations.  The Arkansas Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program remains important and we are proud to release the online 2020 CPM Application. You can learn more about the program in the 2020 CPM Program Overview. 

Participants in the coming year will find that the CPM program provides the flexibility and options they require during this uncertain time. For example, we have reworked our program calendar and extended our application deadline an entire month into early August. This will allow time for applicants and their managers to consider how the new fiscal year will affect their training budgets. This year’s application deadline is August 3, 2020.

Program Benefits

Through the CPM program, participants will:

  • Develop leadership skills that empower people and create positive change
  • Learn how to evaluate, plan, and implement innovative ideas and approaches to public challenges
  • Refine abilities to manage staff and deliver superior customer service
  • Improve capabilities to evaluate the legal and policy compliance of their agency or organization
  • Broaden professional networks

Employers will:

  • Develop the management and leadership skills of their employees
  • See participants and graduates implement program and organizational efficiencies
  • Have more qualified candidates to fill upcoming vacancies in management and leadership positions
  • Reward top performers by offering them a significant professional development opportunity that is nationally recognized

About the Arkansas Certified Public Manager® Program

The Arkansas CPM program is designed to help refine and improve the management skills of today’s emerging leaders in the public sector. This includes government employees working in Arkansas (federal, state, county, and city), elected officials, and non-profit professionals. It is ideally suited for individuals who manage staff and/or programs or who will do so in the near future.

This two-year program, accredited by the National CPM Consortium, has a long history of providing excellent management training to public servants. The program requires 300 hours of management development including skill-building workshops, activities that apply learning to current public challenges, and job-specific professional development. The curriculum is based on seven competencies outlined by the National CPM Consortium. These competencies enable public managers to effectively lead people, manage work processes, and develop self-mastery. Participants are introduced to additional knowledge and skills to expand their vision, meet unexpected challenges, increase performance, set and achieve goals, and navigate the changing dynamics in the public sector.

Program Accreditation

The Arkansas CPM program received national accreditation through the National CPM Consortium in 1991 and continues that relationship today. The program was most recently reaccredited in June 2016. The CPM designation is recognized in 32 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Netherlands.

For More Information

For more information about the Arkansas CPM Program, contact APAC at apacprog@ualr.edu or (501) 569-3436.

Current Participant Information

Click here for access to program forms and documents.

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