Arkansas Public Administration Consortium (APAC)

APAC offers management training for public sector professionals. We serve current and future leaders in government and nonprofits. Our programs are in-depth and develop practical skills. We hire talented instructors who are content experts. They train using best practices in adult learning.

We offer a variety of training and certification programs. You can register individually for the programs that meet your professional goals. Each program includes participants from different backgrounds. You will develop new professional relationships and learn best practices from across the public sector.

In addition, we develop training programs specifically for organizations and agencies. Contact us if you work in the public sector and have a management training need.

APAC Programs Open for Registration

Spring 2023 Certified Group Facilitator Program

APAC’s Certified Group Facilitator program develops skilled facilitators who work in the public sector. These facilitators help groups, teams, and communities make good decisions, resolve conflict, solve problems, and meet goals. When groups have a skilled facilitator, their decisions are more inclusive, better informed, and more effective.

The program provides extensive training and significant opportunities to practice. Participants in the program will:

  • Learn facilitation approaches to decision making, planning, and problem solving.
  • Practice designing, implementing, and evaluating facilitations.
  • Experience and practice both online and in-person facilitation skills.
  • Start a personal portfolio of facilitation resources and techniques.

The Spring 2023 Program requires approximately 60 hours of time between February and July 2023 and includes ALL of the following:

  • Six online trainings held on Tuesday mornings.
  • A three-day, in-person training held in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Assignments.
  • Planning and implementing a capstone facilitation.

Learn more and register online at

Fall 2023 Certified Volunteer Manager Program

The Certified Volunteer Manager (CVM) Program teaches the leadership and management skills required of volunteer professionals including:

  • Recruiting, placing, supporting, supervising, engaging, and recognizing volunteers.
  • Creating policies and procedures that reduce volunteer program risks and liabilities.
  • Assessing the outcomes and achievements of a volunteer program.
  • Aligning a volunteer program with an organization’s mission and goals.

The 2023 program is completed over 6-months from October 2023 to March 2024 and requires approximately 80-hours of time. It immerses participants into the subject matter at a training retreat. The retreat is taught by experts in the field using engaged learning practices. Professional relationships with other volunteer managers are built during this time. Assignment work accomplished online before and after the retreat focuses on applying what is being learned.

Learn more and register online at

APAC Program Descriptions

To meet your needs, APAC currently offers the following certificate and training programs.

About APAC

APAC is dedicated to improving the quality of public services in Arkansas. This work is accomplished through management training for public and nonprofit agencies and organizations. APAC is a cooperative program of the University of Arkansas Little Rock (UA Little Rock), the University of Arkansas (UA), and Arkansas State University (ASU).

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