Certified Group Facilitator Program

You will develop the skills required to facilitate group meetings. This includes:

  • Identifying a group’s goals.
  • Designing a process by which the group will achieve those goals.
  • Guiding implementation of this process (often in a group meeting or retreat).
  • Preparing post-meeting products that document group findings and decisions.

You will also learn techniques for helping a group make decisions, problem solve, build their team, action plan, and more.

About the Program

The Certified Group Facilitator Program equips participants to effectively design, manage, and lead groups to solve problems and meet desired goals. This program includes six days of facilitation training, assignment work, and a capstone facilitation experience. The trainings are taught by experienced facilitators and include instruction, practice, mentoring, feedback, and more. The capstone experience allows participants to plan a facilitation, facilitate a group process, and receive feedback about their personal facilitation skills.

Program History

A team of retiring experienced facilitators recognized the need for this training and worked for over a year to research and develop the curriculum. The planning team included Ron Copeland, Judith Faust, Mary Dillard, Carla Sparks, Sherry Walker, and Freeman McKindra. APAC held the program for the first time in the summer of 2017.

2019 Program Details

The 2019 Certified Group Facilitator Program is full. Contact us at apacprog@ualr.edu if you would like to receive information when future programs become open for registration.

Want more information? Contact APAC at apacprog@ualr.edu or (501) 569-3436.