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Certified Group Facilitator Program

“This is, without a doubt, the most beneficial and useful training.” -Past Participant

Program Overview

Leaders and managers develop plans, investigate problems, and make critical decisions through group work that involves many different stakeholders. In some cases, poor planning, lack of trust, and conflicting values may impede a group’s progress toward reaching its goals. With a plan of action, a skilled facilitator can help the group to recognize and overcome these obstacles. The result is a process that is more inclusive, decisions that are better informed, and goals that are achieved in a timely fashion.

You can develop your facilitation skills in APAC’s Certified Group Facilitator Program. Participants will:

  • Learn how to help groups achieve their goals.
  • Plan facilitated meetings.
  • Experience and practice facilitation skills.
  • Discover ways to manage difficult group participants.
  • Start a personal portfolio of facilitation resources.

Specific facilitation strategies taught will include: brainstorming, posing key questions, focusing the group on meeting its goals, generating options, narrowing choices, developing action plans, and more.

The Certified Group Facilitator Program provides expert live instruction from trainers with extensive facilitation experience. It also allows for hands-on application so participants can practice the skills they are learning.

“Facilitation enables and empowers a group to carry out a task or perform an action. The facilitator does not perform the task, but uses certain skills in a process which allows the group to reach their decision, set their goal, learn a skill…Facilitation encourages greater participation and responsibility for decisions.” -Developing Facilitation Skills by Patricia Prendiville (p. 13)

Program Details

The Certified Group Facilitator Program consists of three parts.

  1. Facilitation training occurs during in-person and/or live online sessions. Active participation in about 40 hours of training is required.
  2. Assignments expose participants to facilitation resources, provide insight about facilitation, and give participants an opportunity to prepare for facilitating. Assignment work requires approximately 10 hours of time.
  3. Participants will put into practice what they have learned by planning and leading an online or in-person group facilitation as their final capstone. The capstone requires about 10 hours of time to plan and lead.

The program fee includes all training materials, instruction, mentoring, and support. The 2021 fee is $800 for public servants that work in Arkansas and $1,000 for those outside the state.

“Best training I’ve attended in years.” -Past Participant

Curriculum Development and Instruction Team

The curriculum development and instruction team currently includes Judith Faust, Marie Lindquist, Kathryn Matchett, Hilary Trudell, Jonathan Wallace, and Lisa Weaver. You can find out more about them on the APAC instructor page.

“Trainers are very knowledgeable and engaging; having real-world experience to validate what’s being taught.” -Past Participant

Find a Group Facilitator

APAC can help identify a facilitator for your upcoming meeting, retreat, strategic planning process, or other group event. Highly experienced facilitators, who offer their services for a fee, are available to assist you.  At times, these facilitators are willing to provide their services for no fee when the subject matter connects to them personally or professionally. Additionally, volunteer (no-cost) facilitation services are offered by program participants who seek to gain experience.

If you would like to identify a group facilitator, send a position description to or call (501) 916-6056. Please include the following in the description:

  1. What you would like to accomplish through a facilitated process
  2. Date and location details regarding the facilitation you are planning
  3. If you are seeking a volunteer facilitator or if you have funding to pay a facilitator
  4. Any information you would like to know about potential facilitators (e.g., past facilitation experience, resume, etc.)

For More Information

Contact APAC at or (501) 916-6056.

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