Certified Group Facilitator Training Program

Program Description

The Certified Group Facilitator Training Program teaches how to facilitate internal and external meetings where decision-making, problem solving, team building, brainstorming, action planning, and more are skillfully accomplished. From meeting design to managing difficult conversations to learning techniques that more easily accomplish meeting goals, the curriculum is very interactive.

Public sector employees often develop plans, investigate problems, make critical decisions, and carry out other important tasks through meetings that involve staff and key stakeholders.  Certified Group Facilitators can assist by planning and managing group meetings that result in a process that is inclusive, decisions that are well informed, and goals that are achieved in a timely fashion.

A group facilitator assists in identifying a group’s goals, designing a process by which the group will achieve those goals, guides implementation of this process (often in a group meeting or retreat), and prepares post-meeting products that document group findings and decisions. Group facilitators are trained in methods for planning meetings, promoting teamwork, posing key questions, generating options and narrowing choices, making and recording group decisions, managing conflict, developing action plans, and evaluating meeting outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Experiencing how to plan, implement, and evaluate group facilitations.
  • Learning and applying group processes including decision-making and problem-solving models. Recognizing how they are used to solve community problems.
  • Understanding and practicing effective group leadership techniques.
  • Developing a personal portfolio of group facilitation resources.
  • Self-assessing group facilitation strengths and weaknesses.
  • Knowing how to differentiate between well-formed and poorly-formed goals and objectives.

Program Requirements

Approximately 65 hours of time is required to become certified including:

  • Two 3-Day Training Sessions – Taught by experienced facilitators these sessions include instruction, practice, mentoring, feedback, and more.
  • Pre-Session Assignments – These assignments help participants prepare for each training session.
  • Group Facilitation Capstone – Participants facilitate a group process and complete the planning, implementation, and evaluation.

If participants complete all requirements in full, they achieve the Certified Group Facilitator designation.

2019 Program Details

The next Certified Group Facilitator program will be held in the summer of 2019. Contact us if you would like to be on the mailing list for this training.

Want more information?  E-mail Marie Lindquist or call (501) 569-3044