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The Arkansas Public Administration Consortium (APAC) is dedicated to improving the quality of public services in Arkansas. This work is accomplished primarily through management training for current and future leaders of government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

APAC training is in-depth and aims to develop the practical skills required of public managers. Instructors are vetted carefully to make sure they have significant knowledge of their subject area through work or teaching experience. Training includes significant levels of interaction to apply content to participants’ professional lives. Certifications require capstone experiences where participants apply the skills they have developed to their own professional lives. In addition, APAC training is offered at a much lower cost than for-profit training or programs that require significant travel costs.

As a Consortium of Arkansas’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs, APAC also serves as a link between the programs and the work of public organizations. APAC helps:

  • state associations award scholarships to MPA students such as the Henry M. Alexander Scholarship awarded by the Arkansas City Management Association;
  • advertise internships and fellowships at government agencies and nonprofit organizations to MPA students;
  • connect MPA faculty to public service research opportunities.

APAC is a cooperative program of the University of Arkansas Little Rock (UA Little Rock), the University of Arkansas (UA), and Arkansas State University (ASU).

APAC Staff

  • Marie Lindquist, Executive Director
  • Lisa Crittenden, Office Manager
  • Program Manager – Open Position

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