Each Survey Research Center (SRC) client has unique information needs and different resources available to address them. The center possesses the faculty, staff, facilities, and experience required to design, conduct, analyze, and consult on all phases of survey methods and applied, community-based research. The SRC was created in 1984 and has since become a leading research center, influential among its peers and in the community. The SRC has widened its resources and expertise in order to provide the utmost attention to detail, latest technology, and social science methods in order to stay up to date with current research. The expertise at the SRC includes acute proficiency in designing surveys, sampling techniques, and collecting and interpreting data using complex statistical methods.


Here are some of our most popular services:

Project Planning

Surveys (Telephone, Web based, Mail)

Focus Groups

Data Analysis and Processing

Program Evaluation

Needs Assessment


Grant Writing & Proposal Development

Technical Writing & Presentations



The above list is provided in order to give you an idea of the tools and methods we have at our disposal and have years of experience in administering. Past clients include local and state governmental agencies, private and nonprofit groups, and university based research.  Please visit the Contact Information page or email Dr. Derek Slagle if you are interested in speaking to the SRC Director in more detail.