The Survey Research Center specializes in telephone interviewing, mail surveys, data entry, coding, web surveys, and interviewer training. The topics covered in the surveys are often sensitive in nature and the extensive quality of employee training promotes confidentiality and comfort among the respondents. This in turn allows for the implementation of a successful survey.

The SRC was created in 1984 and has since become a leading research center, influential among its peers and in the community. The SRC has widened its resources and expertise in order to provide the utmost attention to detail, latest technology, and survey methods in order to stay up to date with current research. The expertise at the SRC includes acute proficiency in designing surveys, sampling techniques, and collecting and interpreting data using complex statistical methods.

Past clients include local and state governmental agencies, private and nonprofit groups, and university based research. Clients are always in the loop with the ongoing survey research. The questionnaires are developed and altered in close cooperation with clients to ensure satisfaction and reliable data.

The SRC employs around 30 highly trained, part-time telephone interviewers who utilize a Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system for the 20-station call center. This CATI system allows the interviewer to enter the respondents’ answers directly into the computer and track call attempts, make specific appointments and notes about each particular call. The surveys at the SRC are always pre-tested.

Specific programming and algorithms not only make certain that we survey the target population but it assures data quality and drastically reduces error. Mail surveys also follow a specific protocol and there are often multiple mailings, postage-paid return envelopes, and follow-up postcards to increase response rates.

Please visit the Contact Information page or email Dr. Derek Slagle if you are interested in speaking to the SRC Director in more detail.