Wireless network

The wireless (Wi-Fi) network provides campus affiliates (current students, recent graduates, and current employees) with wireless access to both campus and internet services. UALR has been operating a wireless network since early 2001. We are constantly working to improve the user experience by increasing speed, bandwidth, and coverage.

Some features of the UALR wireless network are

  • the network runs on 802.11 a/b/g/n technology
  • the network is platform independent; any standard Wi-Fi enabled device works
Service by-the-numbers
500 wireless access points (WAPs)
over 43,000 unique wireless devices connected (in past year)
over 2,500 simultaneous users (typical usage, 24-hour period)


Wireless coverage map for UALR main campus

Wireless coverage, Main campus

The wireless network is available on the main campus as well as the UALR Bowen School of Law or UALR Benton Center. All buildings have 100% indoor coverage.

Outdoor coverage is random due to the university’s size and the original wireless deployments. Physical impediments such as thick walls, metal structures, and trees all interfere with wireless signal (RF) propagation.

Getting started

When your wireless-enabled device scans our network, you may see a different network name (SSID) depending on your location. For example, students in our residential housing may use the ResNET network.

Wireless network names (SSIDs)
Location Network name
Main campus UALR
Campus housing, residence halls ResNET
Bowen campus UALR
Benton campus UALR

Wireless network log-in screen

To connect to one of our wireless networks:

  1. On your wireless-enabled device, select the appropriate network name (SSID).
    A log-in screen should appear.
  2. Use your NetID to log in.
    You should now be connected to our wireless network. Up to two devices per NetID may be simultaneously logged in to the wireless network.


Anyone can connect to the UALR wireless network and browse our campus website. In order to use the UALR wireless network to access a full range of services including the internet, you must be a current employee, student, or have a guest account. Use your NetID to log in.

Use of the wireless network requires agreement to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). If you fail to follow the terms listed in the AUP, your computer or mobile device may be prevented from using the wireless network (known as being placed in “redirection”).


Use of an application that uses peer-to-peer (p2p) technology or behaves in a way that is recognized as malware might place your device into a network quarantine, preventing it from being able to use the campus network. To remove your computer from quarantine or if you have any questions about the wireless network, contact the assistance center.