Online course proctoring

UA Little Rock students

UA Little Rock online course exam proctoring is available only to university faculty and students! Please visit the “Non-UA Little Rock student exam proctoring” if you are not a student at our institution.

Student testing options

Each UA Little Rock instructor determines how their exams will be proctored.

    I. Remote proctoring

    Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) is an internet-based test proctoring service that delivers on-demand, proctored exams that enable students to test anytime, anywhere, and with integrity. Your professor determines whether or not this is an appropriate option for your course exam.

    This service is free to UA Little Rock students.
    If your professor approves your use of RPNow, you will need:

    1. Internet connection
    2. Webcam
    3. Microphone

    RPNow steps you must follow:

    1. Navigate to the RPNow website.
    2. Select the “University of Arkansas at Little Rock“, from the drop-down menu.
    3. You will be directed to a RPNow screen with an instructional video and a button to download the software necessary to use RPNow.
    4. View the video. It is brief and provides essential information.
    5. You will be guided step-by-step through the process from setting-up your access, locating your instructor and exam, clicking the green bar near the top to enter the professor’s password (if applicable) taking your test, and submission of your exam.
    6. Help is available 24/7 through RPNow

    II. Test on campus in the Testing Services computer lab

    1. Schedule an appointment through our online scheduler.
    2. What to bring on your scheduled test date:
      • Testing fee(s).
          When you schedule an appointment online with UA Little Rock, you submit your fee at the time of registration so none will be required on your test day. If, you experience an anomaly and are required to submit payment directly to Testing Services on your appointment day, we accept VISA, MasterCard, money order, and personal check. Cash is never acceptable.
      • Items approved by your instructor.
          Some tests are open book, permit the use of a dictionary, calculator, or notes. It is UA Little Rock Testing Services’ policy to collect and shred hand-written notes while typed notes may be returned to you if your instructor permits.

          Information regarding permitted items should be included in your course syllabus. If you have questions, contact your instructor prior to you test date. Testing Services cannot permit you to use any items that are not approved by your instructor. Testing Services will not provide these additional materials.

    3. Prohibited Items and Recommendations.
      • You are responsible for checking the above link for a complete list of prohibited items. Please be aware that unsupervised children are not permitted.
    4. After You Have Completed Your Exam:
      • Your test will be returned to your instructor in the manner they have requested. Scoring will not be done by Testing Services staff.
    5. Contact Your Professor if:
      1. You have questions regarding the format or content of your test.
      2. You need information regarding grades. Testing Services does not score your test nor receive your grades.
      3. You have questions about make-up exams or testing outside of the testing window.

    III. Testing at a center other than UA Little Rock

    1. Search the National College Testing Association Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC) for a testing center near you. If you are unable to find a center within a reasonable distance, contact UA Little Rock Testing Services for acceptable proctor options.
    2. Print out the DEPS “Examination Proctor Agreement” form and have it completed by the testing center you have selected.
    3. Fax the form to UA Little Rock Testing Services, 501.569.8096 or email,
    4. After the proctor has been verified, you will be able to take your UA Little Rock exams at the center you have selected. NOTE: Fees and amenities vary by center. It is your responsibility to verify the center’s proctoring fees before agreeing to test with another site.


NOTE: Fall 2017 exam submissions (including accommodated) must be entered and exams uploaded to RegisterBlast by November 29, 2017. Exam submissions and exams will not be accepted after November 29. Hand-delivered or emailed exams are no longer accepted.
Online course exam proctoring is designed to serve students taking online classes. We ask that faculty, who have the ability to identify their students in a weekly classroom environment, assist us by removing that volume from our small lab.

Please take note of the testing lab hours of operation when considering your exam time frame.


Select one or any combination of these services for proctoring:

  1. Remote proctoring using Remote Proctor Now (RPNow)
    1. RPNow student access
    2. RPNow faculty introduction
    3. The most common CMS (content management systems) supported by RPNow:
    • Blackboard
    • BlueQuill
    • Brightspace
    • Canvas
    • Cengage
    • Cengage Brain
    • Cengage SAM
    • Educosoft
    • Edutech
    • iLrn
    • Kaplan
    • McGraw-Hill Connect
    • MindTap
    • MyMathLab
    • MyAccountingLab
    • MySpanishLab
    • MyItLab
    • MyStatLab
    • Sakai
    • WebAssign
    • Any LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability)
  2. In-person proctoring at the UA Little Rock Testing Services computer lab.
  3. In-person proctoring at another university testing center. This is typically, arranged with a member institution of the Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC). These centers adhere to the same professional standards and guidelines of the National College Testing Association as UA Little Rock.

Security features

Services Testing Lab RPnow CCTC
ID verification X X X
Secure test materials X X X
On-site personnel to assist with questions X X
Online chat and phone technical assistance 24/7 X
Record video X X varies by center
Record audio X X
Screen viewing technology X X
Ability to proctor Blackboard exams X X
Flat rate proctoring fee Free for UA Little Rock students

$40 non-UA Little Rock
Free and available only to UA Little Rock students

How to set-up your online course exam submission request

Important notes

  • The deadline for an exam submission is 14 working days PRIOR to the first test date.
  • RegisterBlast is designed to accept your exam submission request and your exam. Upload your exam and/or reference materials to your RegisterBlast exam submission!

    When you create your own route of test delivery, the communication is sometimes incomplete. Hand-delivering your exam limits access to other staff members. Emailing your exam to is also outside of the RegisterBlast process. Having all of your exam information in one central location (RegisterBlast) helps us to access it quickly and efficiently. This helps us to manage the processes so we can properly serve students, and faculty. Please use the RegisterBlast system.

Creating a RegisterBlast account

Testing Services must have an exam submission request for all tests, including accommodated.

  1. Create your professor account in RegisterBlast.
    1. Go to the “Professor Module
      • You will be prompted to enter your first name, last name, email address, and to create a password.
      • If you forget your password, email so we can reset it.
    2. Click the “enroll” button
      • A new professor must be approved by Testing Services before the professor can create an exam submission.
      • An email is sent from RegisterBlast to notify the Testing Services listserv,, that a professor has submitted a request. Your approval should be confirmed in a day or two. If you do not receive approval, please contact Testing by emailing
  2. Login to your account to begin your request.
  3. Select the appropriate GROUPS:
    • “ACCOMMODATED” is for all accommodated students.
      • You will be prompted to add the accommodated student’s name and “T” number. This is for accommodated examinees only.
    • “UALR EXAMS” for online course standard administrations
    • “TERM” such as “FALL 2017”
    • “DEPARTMENT” such as “MATH”, etc.
    • Some of your exam information may appear that rolled from a previous semester. If your exam information does not appear, you may create your exam from scratch, so to speak.
  5. Enter the criteria you want Testing Services to follow:
    1. The date(s) and time(s) your exam will begin and end.
      • Be sure to check Testing Services’ hours of operation before designating the time frame within which your students must test.
    2. The standard length of time a student has to complete the exam.
      • Testing personnel will refer to the Disability Resource Center database to adjust the length of time for an accommodated student.
      • You must provide the name and “T” number for accommodated examinees only. These identifiers are needed for us to reference the DRC data base.
    3. Your contact information
  6. Enter the criteria students must follow:
    • Whether or not they may use remote proctoring
    • If the student may test at another center
    • Calculator and/or the calculator model/type
    • Open book
    • Notes, and if testing personnel must collect and shred the notes or return them back to you
    • If only one note card is permitted
    • Scratch paper
    • Ear plugs, etc.
    • Additional information may be entered in the “NOTES” box at the end of the form.
  7. Upload your exam, if applicable, along with other reference materials such as a periodic table, formula sheet, etc.
    • If you plan to submit your exam at a later date, enter your intent in the “NOTES” box. This will let us know when to expect your exam.
  8. Submit your request
  9. Inform your students of their options and requirements.
    • If you are permitting students to use remote proctoring (RPnow) remind them they must not make an appointment using our online scheduler. The online scheduler is for students testing in the computer lab. RPnow students must go directly to UA Little Rock’s RPnow website to take their test.

Faculty must not make appointments for students.

Additional accommodated information can be found on the Accommodated webpage.

If you encounter any difficulties, you may contact Testing Services by emailing Using this listserv will ensure that many eyes will see your request and respond more quickly. Calling or emailing an individual increases the likelihood that your request will be overlooked, particularly during busy exam periods.


Faculty must not make appointments for students.

  • Accommodated students will be contacted by a staff member after your exam submission request has been received through RegisterBlast.
  • Students who do not require accommodation and elect to test in the Testing Services’ lab, should make their appointment online using our scheduler or by entering the URL
  • Students whom you have given permission to test remotely, MUST NOT make an online scheduler appointment. Remote testing utilizes a completely different system, access, and process. The online scheduler is for test administration that will take place in our computer lab and no where else.
  • Please direct students to our RPnow page for troubleshooting or they may contact Testing Services:, 501.569.3198.

Accommodated exam submissions

Exam submission requests must be received at least 14 business days prior to the start date of the exam.

Testing Services will help facilitate accommodated testing for students.

Accommodation information and policies

Testing Services accommodation contact:

    University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    Testing Services
    2801 South University Avenue
    Student Services Center, room 315
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

    501.569.8096 (Fax) (Email for use by accommodated students only.)

Disability Resource Center contact:

Remote proctoring

Remote proctoring is available at no cost to UA Little Rock faculty and students.

UA Little Rock uses the online service Remote Proctor Now, (RPNow) to provide educators and students, in distance learning environments, with an on-demand, convenient, and easy to use testing alternative. Students may take exams 24/7, in the comfort of their own homes, using their computer, webcam, microphone, and an internet connection.

A RPnow site has been created specifically for UA Little Rock. For more information, please refer to Testing Services’ “Remote Proctoring” page.


    Testing Services
    University of Arkansas at Little Rock
    2801 South University Avenue
    Student Services Center, room 315
    Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

    501.569.8096 (Fax)