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Testing Services and Student Life Research

Accommodated Testing for Students

Online Petition for Testing Accommodations

Testing Services and Student Life Research and the Disability Resource Center (DRC) have collaborated to bring an improved way for students to test with accommodations. You must make yourself aware of your responsibilities as an examinee by connecting with both Testing Services and DRC.

Information regarding UALR’s commitment to accessibility, services, and testing changes can be found in the UALR Disability Resource Center.

If you need testing accommodations due to a documented disability, be sure to carefully follow the directions on completing request forms and providing documentation.

For national testing programs such as ACT, Praxis, MPRE, MAT, and LSAT, you must submit your documentation directly to the national testing company. You must also complete any forms that they require. These forms and procedures can vary considerably from test to test. All such forms and procedures are provided online and/or in the appropriate test registration bulletin.

To request an accommodation, for a UALR test, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the online Petition for Testing Accommodations. The form will automatically be emailed to the accommodations coordinator:                                                    

    Ms. April Myers
    Accommodations Coordinator
    UALR Testing Services and Student Life Research
    2801 South University Ave., SSC 315
    Little Rock, AR 72204
    Phone: (501) 569-3198
    Fax: (501) 569-8096

  2. Coordinate with the Disability Resource Center so that they can approve all requested accommodations.  You must be on file with the Disability Resource Center before any accommodations can be approved.

Please note that requests for accommodations must be made no later than the standard test registration deadline date.

If you need what you think to be a minor accommodation and you’re not sure if you should request it in advance, please contact the Accommodations Coordinator of UALR Testing Services or the national testing program directly. Sometimes what seems like a minor accommodation is not something that can be addressed on the testing day.

Accommodations approved by national testing programs cannot be altered by staff in the testing room on the test day.


Testing staff do not have the authority to grant accommodation requests (even for what may seem to be minor accommodations) in the testing room on the test day. All such requests must be made to and approved by the national testing company.

Don’t hesitate to contact UALR Testing Services, the UALR Disability Resource Center, or the national testing program for assistance.

Updated 1.17.2014