Quality Initiative

Quality Initiative (QI)

QI Task Force Objectives for Academic Year 2016-17

The QI Task Force leads the university’s efforts to facilitate a data-informed culture of continuous improvement and demonstrate the university’s academic, economic, and societal impact to the city, state, and region. The task force has established a set of objectives to reach this goal. Read at QI Task Force Objectives.

UALR’s Quality Initiative Project (QIP), “Facilitating Continuous Improvement: The Implementation of UALR’s Decision Support System,” is essential to improving decision making at all levels and providing quality information during the accreditation process.

The project will help guide the way we conduct accreditation activities because access to quality data will aid in the reporting process.

UALR’s Open Pathway Quality Initiative Proposal

HLC Approval of UALR’s Open Pathway Quality Initiative Proposal