Transition Teams

As mentioned in the memo that outlined the second phase of academic restructuring, the three new colleges, Arts, Letters, and Sciences, Education and Health Professions, and Social Sciences and Communications, there is a transition team consisting of one faculty member, one chair, and one associate dean who will help facilitate the process.

The individuals on the transition team are

  • Shannon Collier-Tenison, Associate Professor of Social Work,
  • George Jensen, Chair of Rhetoric and Writing, and
  • Sonja Premeaux, Associate Dean of the College of Business.

Each member of the team will serve as liaison for one of the new college teams as follows:

    Arts, Letters, and Sciences – Sonya Premeaux
    Education and Health Professions – George Jensen
    Social Sciences and Communications‐ Shannon Collier-­Tenison


The Transition Team members will establish a timeline for the second phase of restructuring that will result in new colleges by June 30, 2014. This timeline will include developing a profile for college deans so that searches can begin in February. It will also include early discussions with departments/units that will be part of the new colleges to understand the specific issues to be addressed during the transition. In addition, it will facilitate the discussions called for in phase two of the provost’s restructuring report (pp. 13‐15). The Transition Team will meet with the Provost weekly. As needed, it will meet with an administrative work group, led by Associate Vice Chancellor Drale, that will address budgetary and other administrative issues associated with the transition.

In addition to the tasks outlined in the provost’s restructuring report, liaisons will work with new colleges to:
(1) Elect faculty senators (in consultation with Faculty Senate President Andrew Wright)1
(2) Select college representatives to the Graduate Council
(3) Decide on the college core (for the newly formed core)
(4) Discuss college governance (i.e., will the college have an assembly, bylaws, etc.)
(5) Populate college committees (for example, curriculum, awards, etc.)
(6) Develop the description of the college to be included in the 2014-2015 graduate and undergraduate catalogs
1 The College of Engineering and Information Technology will likely also need to elect new senators, since it is receiving units from the College of Science.

The liaisons will work with representatives of current colleges to ensure faculty involvement in second phase decisions.

The working arrangements are listed below:

  • College of Social Sciences and Communications—Shannon Collier Tenison,
  • Joe Giammo (College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Sonny Rhodes (College of Professional Studies)
  • College of Education and Health Professions —George Jensen
  • Brenda Womack (College of Science)
  • Lilly Wichinsky (College of Professional Studies)
  • Bronwyn MacFarlane (College of Education)
  • College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences—Sonja Preameaux
  • Angela Hunter (College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Bob Sikes (College of Science)