Elementary Education K-6

Expect More: Skylar Bailey

Skylar Bailey is ready for the classroom. “During this experience, I feel like I have learned way more than I’ve ever learned ever. Thanks to UA Little Rock, I feel like I could step in a classroom right now and be fully prepared to be a teacher.”

This elementary education degree provides a strong foundation for students wanting to teach kindergarten through sixth grade. Graduates are provided with a comprehensive understanding of teaching young learners and of the need for a learning environment that is responsive to students’ developmental needs. Graduates for the program will be able to apply for teaching licensure in Arkansas. This program believes that enhancing the lives of children will ultimately nurture competent citizens for our community and society.


Career Opportunities

  • Curriculum Specialist
  • K-6 Elementary Teacher

Potential Employers

  • Arkansas Children’s Hospital
  • Fayetteville School District
  • Little Rock School District


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