Trojan Soar Learning Community

University life can be exciting and overwhelming.

For some, it is also the first time being away from home for an extended period. The Trojan Soar Learning Community provides a hands-on environment to help you focus on the reading and writing skills you’ll need to succeed in your college courses and graduate on time.

Both undecided and declared majors may be part of the community.  Students in this community will also be able to participate in many of the activities of the other community.

You will take two courses together:

  • First Year Experience
  • Academic Literacy Course (reading and writing skills)

A key element of this community is an integrated curriculum. The Soar Community provides academic support in and out of the classroom and the opportunity to build close relationships with faculty members.

Students qualifying for RHET 0321 Academic Literacy will register for the Fall 2019 Trojan Soar LC during registration for classes while attending New Student Summer Orientation.