Study Abroad Trips are REAL! Check Out these Students!!




Check out their journey!

Dr. Thombre takes students to Trinidad for study abroad opportunity.

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Dr Avinash Thombre, Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Communication, accompanied six students during thanksgiving break to Trinidad and Tobago. These undergraduate and graduate students were enrolled in intercultural communication course, which focuses on understanding aspects of intercultural communication related to cultural maintenance and cultural hybridity in the context of powerful historical, technological, social, and contemporary changes. By immersing in the lived hybrid culture, the students to got to apply their theoretical knowledge about communication in a practical world. The students came back with deep learning experiences about how cultures can co-exist despite multifold differences.

Applied Communication graduate student Luke Nipper reflected on his transformational learning experiences that happened while on this trip: “I will always remember how people in Trinidad lived at peace with each other despite their cultural differences. Now that I’ve had this experience I can strive to learn about different cultures here in the U.S.  I can reach out and be a friend to someone that may not call the U.S. home.” For information about studying abroad with the Department of Applied Communication, visit their webpage here:

The CSSC is thankful to have such dedicated faculty that plan and implement trips such as these that help our students explore and experience the world where they are able to put what they are learning into action and open their mind to new ways they can #dreambig.

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