Graduate Assistantship Application

Directions: Fill this form out completely. All academic references will be checked prior to approval of your assistantship. THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT AN APPLICATION TO THE GRADUATE SCHOOL! Your assistantship WILL NOT BE APPROVED UNTIL the graduate school has PROCESSED and ACCEPTED your application to them. Do NOT press the SUBMIT BUTTON UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE ENTIRE FORM! Press the SUBMIT button only once; sometimes there is a time "lag" over the internet before your submission is confirmed.
  • Section I - Personal Information

    Please enter your Legal Name in the following Name fields.
  • Please enter your Current Home Address.
  • Please use a 3 letter code.
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  • Please enter your Telephone Number, include your country code if foreign.
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  • Enter your "Primary" e-mail address
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  • Section II - Background Information

    The items on this application concerning race, ethnic origin, gender, and physical disabilities will be used for affirmative action reporting purposes only.
  • Citizenship

  • If you are a NON-RESIDENT Alien, please indicate your Visa type.
  • Racial-Ethnic Category

  • Gender

  • Physical Disabilities

  • Section III - Academic Information

  • Please select from the drop down list above the specific emphasis area in which you are seeking a Ph.D. in (We do not offer Master's Degrees).
  • List any extracurricular activities and/or any academic honors you have received.
  • List your work experience in business, science, or teaching.
  • Academic Experience

    List (in chronological order, MOST RECENT FIRST) all Colleges and Universities you have EVER attended.
  • Section IV - Personal References

    List 3 personal references below. Each reference MUST come from a faculty member from one or more of the universities you have attended. The telephone number given for each reference CANNOT BE A HOME TELEPHONE NUMBER. The telephone number must be the "main" telephone number for the contact professor's DEPARTMENT, and CANNOT BE A DIRECT LINE. Your application WILL BE DENIED if you include a home telephone number. Include the country code if foreign.