2015 Art History Prizes

Art History Prizes for Best Undergraduate Papers in Art History

In May of 2015 the Department of Art will award prizes to the undergraduate writers of the best papers in art history during the 2014 calendar year. In recent years, these awards have been cash prizes contributed by a generous donor. These awards parallel prizes offered in the annual student competitive art exhibition, and are distributed at the College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences awards day in May. There are two levels of prizes, often with a first-place winner and honorable mention in each category: best paper in a survey-level class and best paper in an upper-level class.

  1. Papers must be submitted to Dr. Floyd Martin by February 16, 2015. Early submissions are welcomed and encouraged. Students are advised to keep copies of their papers.
  2. All papers must be typed, double-spaced, and conform to accepted standards of grammar, and documentation, illustrations, and bibliography should conform to standards listed on the UALR Department of Art website. A title page should indicate the student’s name, mailing address, topic, and the course in which it was originally submitted. The student’s name and course number should not appear except on the title page. For papers submitted for the upper-level category, a normal length is 15 typed pages of text (title page, illustrations, notes and bibliography do not count as text).
  3. All undergraduate studio art or art history majors or minors are eligible.
  4. Each student may submit one paper in each category (survey and upper-level) originally written for a UALR art history class offered spring, summer, or fall 2014.
  5. In classes where an oral presentation was given in lieu of a paper, the presentation may be written up and submitted.
  6. Students may revise papers, making use of the instructor’s comments, but the nucleus of the paper must be that submitted as part of a class. If a student decides not to revise a paper, it still must be retyped so the instructor’s comments and grading marks are removed.
  7. The winning papers will be kept in a file in the Art Department Reading Room, and are available for review by other students.
  8. This competition should not be confused with the annual Arkansas College Art History Symposium, or Undergraduate Research competitions sponsored by UALR. Students are welcome to participate in all these activities. Contact an art history professor if you have questions.