Assessment Academy Role and Vision

Role and Vision

The UALR Assessment Academy Team consists of eight individuals who are   committed to working together with faculty, staff and administrators to create a comprehensive and ongoing program of campus assessment of student learning outcomes. Team members represent faculty from each college, both accredited and non-­‐accredited programs, the Council on Core Curriculum and Policies, co-­‐curricular programs, the Quality Initiative on data-­‐supported decision making, and the Provost’s Program Review Assessment Pilot Group (PPRAPG). Over the next four years, the Team will also serve, with other individuals, on the HLC Self-­‐Study Task Force for Criteria 3 and 4.

It is the vision of the UALR Assessment Academy Team to work with faculty, staff and administrators to build a culture of continuous improvement at UALR by facilitating a comprehensive, sustainable plan that will formally assess and improve student learning on our campus. Our role is to provide tailored assistance to faculty, staff and administrators in the development and implementation of streamlined and meaningful assessment plans and to coordinate efforts to measure and value student learning across campus through clear communication and support.

Although the Assessment Academy will help UALR prepare for its upcoming HLC reaccreditation in 2019-­‐20, the Assessment Academy Team is committed to making a culture of continuous improvement of student learning a defining aspect of UALR culture for years to come.