Content Editor: Video Everywhere

You can record video everywhere from the content editor. Once installed and activated, a new icon is added to the content editor that controls a user’s webcam. When activated, users can record video from the content editor and upload it directly to YouTube™.

Users must have a Google® account that is registered on YouTube. A YouTube channel is required to process and save your webcam videos.

1. You can create video from the content editor. Click Recorder and select Record from Webcam. Your school and instructor can disable this tool.

2. Uploading, processing and storage happens in YouTube. You need a Google account to use this.

3. Before recording, your permission is required to provide access to your camera and microphone. You can also choose to keep your video unlisted. Only users who have the link to the video can access it. For example, in your course. The video does not appear in the YouTube search results.

4. Browse your video library. Edit the properties of the authored clip in YouTube. In the library, you can preview, insert and edit. Click Edit to edit the clip in YouTube. Refresh the video library after completing your edits.

5. Insert your recorded videos immediately after recording. Click Play in Place or Thumbnail. Previously uploaded videos in the video library can also be previewed and inserted.

Click here to watch a video about Video Everywhere.

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