The People Tool

Students and educators need to connect and collaborate with their education community. But they prefer to keep their academic life separate from their online social life. So we developed a global learning network that connects users at Blackboard Learn institutions around the globe and enables them to learn from each other informally, to complement more formal online courses.

The People tool is the access point to your learning network. It’s where you can search the entire global learning network, manage your connections, view your institution-wide directory, and see who is in your courses and organizations with you.

Now that you have a Profile, the People tool enables you to discover others in your academic network. This is where you can see who is in each of your courses and organizations and you can also see anyone else at your school that has made their profile visible school-wide. When you mouse over someone in the People tool, their Profile Card comes up. And this Profile Card also appears throughout the rest of Learn in tools like the Roster, the User Directory, Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis. So learning becomes more social.

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