Getting to Know the Blackboard Interface

The first step to taking an online course is understanding how the Blackboard Interface is organized.

Topics at a Glance

Topic What’s Covered
Tab Area This area contains the system’s universal navigation including links to your courses, your organizations, and help resources.
Blackboard Breadcrumbs Easily locate where you are and where you have been in the system using Blackboard’s breadcrumb feature.
myCourses In this area you will find links to your Blackboard courses and course related announcements.

The Tab Area

The first step to taking an online course is understanding how the Blackboard interface is organized. Depending on what link you use to login to the system, you will land on either the myBlackboard dashboard or the myUALR dashboard.

Regardless of which dashboard you land on, at the top of the page you will see the main navigation for the myUALR system.

main tab navigation for the Blackboard system

  • myBlackboard — This tab links to the myCourses and Ottenheimer Library subtabs. The myCourses subtab is your main access point for all of your online courses. The Notifications subtab is where you will find alerts about your courses including new content that has been added and assignments or exams that will be due soon.
  • myOrganizatons— Similar the myCourses subtab, here you will find information about and links to your UALR organizations.
  • Help — This tab has important support information about Blackboard including contact information, system requirements, and software downloads.
Important Note:

Blackboard Sub-Tabs
Sub-tabs are used as a way to organize common pages. For instance, the myBlackboard tab has sub-tabs for myCourses, your primary access into your courses, and Ottenheimer Library, which contains circulation information and other helpful library resources. Be sure to check to see what sub-tabs are available because they likely have useful tools or information on them.

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Blackboard Breadcrumbs

Like Hansel and Gretel, Blackboard puts down breadcrumbs to help you find your way back through the course. You can easily backtrack by clicking the appropriate level you wish to return. This saves the need to weave through the navigation bar.

breadcrumbs used for navigation

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On this page, you will see several boxes, or modules, where you can access tools and information. These modules help put the most important tools at your fingertips. You will notice that the other tabs—myUALR, myCommunities, and Help—also contain modules.

The default modules on the myCourses subtab include:

  • My Announcements — Contains system and course announcements to help keep students informed about their courses and Blackboard system updates or outages.
  • Blackboard 9.1 Courses — Contains your list of Blackboard courses.

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