The Bursar’s Office welcomes potential students at Discover UALR events

Discover-Day-Laura-and-SandraLaura McCarty and Sandra Ott from the Bursar’s Office were excited to meet potential students and “put a friendly face” on their department at the recent Discover UALR events held on campus.

During the morning “gearing up” at Stephen’s Event Center, they handed out information, candy, and pens while talking to potential students about the services they offer. Their table was inviting not only because of the “freebies” and display, which attractively displayed services they offer, but also their Trojan hat-wearing pumpkins. The pumpkins ended up being a wonderful ice-breaker and brought many students in for conversation and information.

Trojan PumpkinIn the afternoon, Laura and Sandra moved to a tent in the library’s courtyard, again with information, freebies, and their conversation-starting Trojan hat-wearing pumpkins. High fives and lots of laughs were also exchanged while potential students played a game of Corn Hole for prizes of Bursar Office backpacks and water bottles. “It was a great opportunity to show the potential students, their family, and friends that our office is friendly, helpful, and will do what we can to make their experience at UALR a good one,” said Laura McCarty, Bursar.

The Bursar’s Office is looking forward to future Discover UALR events to continue promoting their services as well as the community spirit UALR offers.


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