What we do

Spanning colleges at UA Little Rock, and in cooperation with leading research institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the institute for Chief Data Officers (iCDO) collaborates with other universities and organizations to conduct research and develop educational curricula and training courses to meet the needs of the growing community of CDOs in government and industry. As organizations recognize data and information as one of  their most valuable assets, the role of CDO has emerged as a new C-level role with broad responsibility to oversee the enterprise strategy for maximizing the value of this strategic asset. The Institute embraces the ideas and methods from many disciplines including information science, statistics, computing systems and optimization, economics, MIS, and organizational behavior. These disciplines are relevant both for understanding the CDO challenges and for building a body of knowledge to:

  • Support and empower CDOs and others charged with leading enterprise strategy, governance, and management of information and data assets.
  • Place UA Little Rock Ph.D. graduates in leading research universities
  • Prepare UA Little Rock graduates to step into CDO roles in major organizations
  • Enable enterprises to derive the maximum value from its information and data assets, to realize the value of data-driven decision making, and to gain competitive advantage through high-quality information.
  • Build upon the success of the MIT Forum, Symposium and the International Society of  Chief Data Officers (isCDO) with Dr. Richard Wang to further his MIT efforts, synergistic with the already successful UA Little Rock MSIQ/PhD degree programs that Dr. Wang co-founded with Dr. John Talburt and Former UALR EIT Dean Mary Good.

The activities of the Institute include but are not limited to:

  • Conduct research to publish in leading academic journals
  • Offer CDO courses as a concentration in existing UA Little Rock graduate degree programs, and offer intensive 3-5 day certificate programs including:

CDO-1: Foundations for Chief Data Officers

CDO-2: Advanced Topics for CDO Practice

CDO-3: Reflective Practitioners: CDOs in Action

  • Secure funding from public and private sectors
  • Organize the MIT CDO & IQ Symposium and isCDO Society meetings hosted at UA Little Rock
  • Bring together CDOs to share their experiences and give back to their communities through collaboration with their peers
  • Provide a venue for CDOs to network with their peers
  • Develop and promote education and training to help CDOs to improve their knowledge and skills
  • Cultivate an environment that encourages the free exchange of information between CDOs across multiple industries
  • Help CDOs strengthen their organizations by improving the quality, use, and interoperability of data and information