Why register for our Certificate Programs?

The Chief Data Officer’s role has rapidly emerged and is continuously evolving. Data are ever increasing in value and volume  and are considered among the most important assets of any organization in today’s world. In such a world, understanding and developing concepts, models, techniques, and solution approaches across complex, interconnected systems are at the core of our ability to uncover new insights and solutions.

Uniqueness of our Programs

The Chief Data Officer Certificate Programs embrace the ideas and methods from many disciplines including information science, statistics, computing systems and optimization, economics, information technology, and organizational behavior. Our programs are tailored for Chief Data Officers, “perspective” and “de facto” Chief Data Officers. They are delivered by internationally recognized leaders and world experts in the fields of Information Quality and CDO research, who developed unique curricula that are not offered by any other institution.

Participants will attend the 4-day Certificate Program in-person, which includes a hands-on lab, at the George W. Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology (EIT) at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. This will give our participants the chance to actively interact with their instructors and with each other, to ask questions and to get answers, to exchange points of view and share professional and life experiences.