There are many ways you can help support the children and families in the UALR Children International Program.


Sponsorship is a very personal way to improve a child’s life. It gives you a chance to develop a unique relationship with a child. Sign up today by visiting Children International for more information.

Sponsor a Classroom

You can contribute a one-time gift to support an entire classroom. Your sponsorship will provide each child with school supplies, tutoring and literacy materials, financing for a field trip or fitness equipment for keeping children healthy. Contact us for more information.

Emergency Donation

Often in times of crisis like a natural disaster or death in the family, UALR Children International will give a family in need food, clothing and household items. You can donate a one-time gift to help families get through a crisis. Contact us.

Gifts in Kind

UALR Children International accepts donations of products from corporate donors. These bulk donations may include toys, books, playground or fitness equipment, toothbrushes, educational games, computers, medicine and more. Contact us.