Students, professor usher in new honor society; award named in honor of Grasby

DEI EventToday marked big achievements for College of Business students Robert Grasby and Carlos Ivey. Robert, a senior Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship major, and Carlos, a senior Finance and Economics major, “cut the ribbon” this afternoon, opening a new chapter of Delta Epsilon Iota at UALR.

An academic honor society, DEI serves students in career development, encourages academic excellence, and promotes principles of dedication, enthusiasm, and initiative in participating members across the nation. Those are three traits you can quickly find in students like Robert and Carlos.

As proof of their initiative, they recruited the student body of UALR for membership all spring and summer. Membership was permitted to those students who had earned a 3.30 GPA on a 4.00 scale, had completed 30 semester hours, were enrolled in an accredited university, and had verification of good academic standing. How many students qualified? Well over the 255 that were inducted into the first class of the Phi Epsilon chapter of DEI. “There will definitely be room to grow,” said Carlos.

Dr. John Hall, special guest and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies at the College of Business, gave a stirring message to the Phi Epsilon chapter on defining their success beyond a number on the transcript — to be the sum that is greater than just what they do. Notably, he reminded students to perceive themselves as “not human doings, but human beings.” Hall was awarded honorary membership for his commitment to instructing Robert, Carlos and many other business students along the way.

What surprised the audience, and certainly Robert, was in closing the ceremony, Kaitlynn Eads, Delta Epsilon Iota chapter liaison, announced that the Chapter Leadership Award would be named in honor of Robert. In addition, when given to future recipients the award will include a $250 scholarship made possible by DEI. When asked how it felt, Robert said with a smile, “I did not see this coming, but it sure feels good.”

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