Concurrent MBA-JD, PharmD and MD

A student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock may pursue a concurrent MBA degree with the Bowen School of Law or the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). Students may count two relevant elective courses for the MBA and count two relevant MBA courses for the law or medicine programs. Students must be accepted in both programs.

UALR MBA Admissions


The MBA-JD concurrent degree integrates the study of management and law education, as well as a broad base of knowledge and skills in both areas. Those who earn the Joint MBA-JD degree will develop skills to pursue careers in the business and legal professions and can go on to become an attorney, CEO, investment banker, government regulator, entrepreneur, business policy analyst, estate planner and more.

Bowen School of Law Admissions

MBA-JD students must also complete the Declaration of Intent to Pursue Concurrent Degrees and obtain signatures of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the Bowen School of Law and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at the UALR College of Business.


Students pursuing a joint degree with UAMS will add an understanding of fundamental management concepts and skills to the clinical and science knowledge in the medical and pharmacy programs.

College of Pharmacy