Collaboration on Information Assurance Education

As a designated National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE), we strongly promote and actively seek collaborations on information assurance (IA) education and research with other academic institutions, especially those institutions (e.g., two-year community colleges, minority schools, or K-12 schools) that are willing to strengthen their IA education and research. Sharing IA education materials is a very important aspect of such collaboration. The CAEIAE at UA Little Rock would like to share the teaching materials of IA courses. If you are interested, please make a request by filling in the form below. You will shortly be contacted for more sharing details via email or phone call.

Shared IA Courses

Course Name

Course Code at UA Little Rock

Course Credit Hours

Computer Security

CPSC 4360/5360


Computer Forensics

CPSC 4376/5376


Applied Cryptography

IFAS 3300


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