EIT front


EIT Building

The Department of Computer Science is located within the Engineering and Information Technology Building, a 40 million dollars, six-story 115,000-square-foot, world-class teaching, and research facility. The building’s educational features include a two-story, 206-seat auditorium, which provides state-of-the-art technology for conferences and meetings with an advanced audiovisual system as well as twelve terraced classrooms, each including between 36 and 40 student workstations outfitted with a thin-client computing terminal, monitor, and keyboard. The building’s research facilities include a high-performance computing cluster and 150 person capacity state-of-the art graduate research space, detailed below.

High-performance Computing Clusters

Argon (the UA Little Rock’s 5.4 cluster) consists of 64 Dell PowerEdge machines (each with 8 Xeon processors and 16GB RAM, for a total of 512 cores), 4TB storage, Gigabit Ethernet, and Infiniband interconnection among computing nodes for minimal IPC latency as well as between computing nodes and a 40TB Lustre parallel file system for fast file access. It has a theoretical peak performance of 5.45Tflops (or 5.45 trillion floating-point operations per second). The cluster is built for running large scale distributed-memory multiprocessing with MPI as well as for running large numbers of independent jobs simultaneously. Furthermore, Boron (the 16 machines (192 core with a total of 768GB RAM) interconnected with 40Gbps links) have a capability to form a virtual symmetrical multiprocessor (SMP) system ideal for both highly parallelized codes across multiple nodes and large memory solution for numerical simulation and data analysis, and its performance will surpass that of a significantly more expensive SMP system available on the market today. Erbium (our big memory machine) was the most tightly integrated stand‐alone computer in the world as of November 2012! Finally, a 12-core machine with 48GB memory will serve as a “data mover” to assure seamless transfer of tera-scale data to our HPC cluster from collaborating institutions. Available Software Packages include: R/RMPI, Gaussian03/09, LAMMPS, INTEL Math Kernel Library (MKL) and cluster toolkit, MATLAB, Octave, VASP, COMSOL, and FDTD. For more information, visit UA Little Rock Computational Research Center.

Graduate Student Research Space

UA Little Rock’s Engineering and Information Technology building is equipped with a 21,000-square-foot space dedicated to graduate student research. Space contains 150 Steel Case workstations and is wired for high-speed internet. This space is located on the fourth and sixth floor of the EIT building, which is co-located with the Department of Computer Science’s faculty offices and the High-Performance Computing Clusters.

Computer Science Laboratories

The Computer Science Department also has an electronic-access controlled laboratory (ETAS 355, 20 person capacity).