2013 – 2014

2013 – 2014 Counseling Services Annual Report

Meeting Institutional Challenges

  • Ms. Tara Kittrell, LPC, APRN, relocated to Counseling Services and continues to provide counseling and limited psychopharmacology services to students.
  • This is a collaborative effort of Counseling and Health Services.
  • In 2012-13, clinicians provided students 1, 692 personal counseling sessions.
  • During 2013-2014 clinicians provided 136 contacts during group psychoeducational and counseling sessions.
  • In addition, Ms. Kittrell provided 773 individual clinical sessions.
  • Thus, Counseling Services provided 2601 therapeutic sessions for the year.
  • Campus screenings were conducted to detect and inform student body about depression, eating disorders and alcohol abuse.
  • Suicide Prevention Week, facilitated by Ms. Amy Muse, debuted as a campus-wide event.
  • As such, it was a rousing success in promoting education, strategies and support in the effort to prevent suicide.
  • Also it promoted awareness of Counseling Services and campus mental health resources.
  • Counseling Services counselors volunteered for fall 2013 and spring 2014 commencement ceremonies.

Enhancing the Quality of Campus Life

  • GradFest was coordinated by Mr. Hyginus Ukadike, Ms. Kweilin Wilson and Counseling Services staff during fall and spring semesters.
  • Counseling Services participated in residence life training and psychoeducational presentations such as Behind Closed Doors, Brother to Brother, Woman to Woman, Stress Reduction, and Managing Strategies for Psychological Emergencies.
  • Counseling Services participated in UALR Discovery.
  • Counseling Services participated in TrojanFest.
  • Ms. Amy Muse and Mr. Aresh Assadi presented sexual assault education information to over 100 students at TrojanWars.
  • Mr. Aresh Assadi presented resume review skills and interview workshops for AAMI, CLC, Earth Sciences Senior Seminar, Rhetoric and Writing, and Speech Communications.
  • Dr. Mike Kirk and Ms. Debra Gentry team taught a Living Learning Communities PEAW class, Exploring Careers and Majors in Fall 2013.
  • Continuing as a clinical counselor training site, Dr. Mike Kirk provided supervision to two counseling interns.
  • Counseling Services continues to facilitate the Graduation Survey each fall and spring to provide data and information gathered from graduating students.
  • Mr. Hyginus Ukadike, Dr. Mike Kirk and Mr. Aresh Assadi volunteered for the Chancellor’s Pancake Breakfasts.
  • Counseling Services held weekly Staffing Meetings and Clinical Staffings to better serve their clients.
  • Mr. Hyginus Ukadike, Mr. Aresh Assadi and Dr. Kirk presented on stress reduction techniques to a total of 125 students in the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps over several sessions.
  • Mr. Hyginus Ukadike and Mr. Aresh Assadi presented to more than 60 international students during new student orientation.
  • Ms. Amy Muse maintained Medicat, our electronic medical records system.
  • Ms. Amy Muse maintained the Counseling Services web page.
  • All counselors completed 24 hour training and certification program in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction techniques.

Noteworthy Unit Activities

  • Dr. Mike Kirk and Mr. Aresh Assadi were recognized by graduating students and received Graduate and Retention Advocate Awards.
  • Ms. Kweilin Wilson and Dr. Mike Kirk worked with the former CCPS director on budgeting and planning the new Mindfulness/Stress Reduction Center.
  • Ms. Kweilin Wilson was nominated for a Staff Senate Award for her work on the Mindfulness/Stress Reduction Center.
  • Mr. Aresh Assadi, Ms. Kweilin Wilson and the Counseling Services staff raised over $7,000 for mental health programs this year.
  • Ms. Amy Muse, Mr. Aresh Assadi and Dr. Mike Kirk were interviewed for several local TV news segments concerning students’ illicit drug use, prescription drug abuse, suicide prevention and various psychological issues throughout the year.
  • Mr. Aresh Assadi continues to serve and support the UALR Class Act Toastmaster’s chapter.
  • Mr. Aresh Assadi served as a volunteer for the Staff Senate Issues and Concerns Committee.
  • Dr. Mike Kirk served as the student affairs representative on the College of Social Services and Communications founding dean search committee.
  • Ms. Kweilin Wilson continues to serve as one of five voting members on the Catastrophic Leave Committee.
  • Dr. Mike Kirk served on the University Behavioral Intervention Team (UBIT).
  • Mr. Hyginus Ukadike continued to serve on the Chancellor’s Diversity Counsel.
  • Dr. Mike Kirk continued to serve on the Chancellor’s American’s with Disabilities Council.
  • Mr. Aresh Assadi served as a Professional Mentor for the African American Male Initiative (AAMI).
  • Mr. Aresh Assadi became an ambassador for the Campus Campaign. Counseling Services contributions increased 40%.
  • Mr. Hyginus Ukadike continued to serve on the Arkansas Collegiate Drug Education Committee (ACDEC). He hosted a series of workshops at UALR.
  • Ms. Amy Muse and Dr. Mike Kirk served as advisers for the UALR Foundation for Suicide Prevention (FSP) student organization.
  • Ms. Amy Muse and Dr. Mike Kirk served on the Arkansas State Wide Suicide Prevention Initiative. They hosted a series of trainings at UALR.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Received $75,000 donation to renovate space for campus stress reduction center.
  • Finding internal funds to finance start-up and maintenance is an ongoing challenge.
  • Increasing participation in and awareness of suicide prevention is an ongoing challenge.
  • Increasing utilization of Kognito At-Risk Gatekeeper Training by faculty and students is an ongoing challenge.
  • Increased visibility and awareness of Counseling Services has led to increased utilization and demand upon personnel and resources.
  • We continuously reassess how to best meet clients’ needs with available resources.
  • Counseling Services has successfully implemented numerous cost saving measures without negatively impacting the quality and availability of services to students.
  • In order to entice topnotch interns, Counseling Services is exploring implementation of a training scholarship for selected interns.
  • Updating Counseling Services’ webpages with relevant and engaging information and blogs continues to be a challenge.
  • Through the efforts of Mr. Aresh Assadi, Counseling Services established a strong relationship with the Office of Development and is exploring fund raising possibilities.