Student Spotlight: Larry J. Rhodes

Today we want to recognize Larry J. Rhodes, who is an Applied Communications student.

What influenced your decision to study Applied Communication?

“I am majoring in Applied Communication Studies because I’ve long been fascinated by human communication. I love meeting new people and learning about them, and communication is the foundation of all of our interactions with each other. I am moving toward becoming a cultural documentarian, because my greatest passion is photography, and combining that with good writing and public speaking (both of which I’m still learning) will allow me to help others share their stories. A better understanding of communication will be critical to my success on this new path.”


You are an essential member of the UA Little Rock community. What has been your favorite trip or memory during your time here?

“In addition to the wonderful faculty and staff, there are incredible opportunities for learning and growth that go far beyond the classroom (sometimes thousands of miles beyond!). The study abroad programs available to students are nothing short of life-changing. After chaperoning a class trip to Morocco in 2016, my first time to travel overseas, I was so moved by the experience that I went back six months later for a vacation to immerse myself even more in the country’s different regional cultures. This ultimately led to my chaperoning another class trip there this past October. While I didn’t travel there as part of my formal studies, I was still no less a student learning about the history, politics, and cultures of another country, and the fact that these opportunities exist for all students is exciting.”


What is your favorite thing about UA Little Rock?

“I think my favorite part of UA Little Rock is the sense of community among the faculty and staff within the academic units. From department chairs to instructors to administrative support, each department has a unique culture and warmth I enjoy any time I visit. I feel welcome and appreciated as a student, and this has helped me better find my footing while returning to school after a 24-year hiatus.”


Why would you recommend UA Little Rock to a prospect?

“I hope I don’t offend anyone with this, but the biggest reason I’d recommend choosing UA Little Rock is that it reminds me of the Island of Misfit Toys (in a very good way). Many of the people here seem quirky, and that quirkiness makes the university and its community all the richer and more fascinating. I believe the unique personalities I see in our faculty, staff, and students come from being uncommonly brilliant, and they are indeed brilliant, with real-world experience and wisdom that makes learning from and with them deeply enjoyable and meaningful. This also makes UA Little Rock one of the most inclusive schools not just in the state but in the country. I’ve encountered more heart here than I ever have at another school.”

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