New Faculty Notifications

We’re delighted to announce that the process for requesting Faculty Notification Letters has just gotten much, much easier. For students requesting letters, go to the same link you always have:

  • click on ‘students’
  • click on ‘request faculty notification letters’

A page explaining the changes will come up, and from there click on the link. You will log in using your NetID. There are instructions if you are unsure how to do that.

You will no longer have to manually type in your course information. Your course schedule will be pulled over from BOSS, and all you have to do is select which professors you want to receive a notification.

The notification will be immediately emailed to the professor. A copy will be emailed to your ualr email address, as well as to the DRC. If you would like to have a printed letter to hand your professor, you are welcome to print from your email.

A couple of notes:

  • Faculty Notification Letters can be requested up to two weeks before the beginning of any semester, all the way until the last day of class.
  • If you try to request letters before the two weeks, you’ll see your classes listed but the link won’t be active, so you can’t select it.
  • Since this is a change, and many of you are used to requesting letters as early as April or May for the next Fall term, the DRC will email a reminder to you a couple of weeks before Fall 2013 begins.
  • If you sign up for classes that don’t yet have a professor assigned, you won’t be able to request letters. Once a professor is assigned, go back to the request page and fill out the form for that class.
  • Once you’ve made the request, you will see on that page when the request was sent. If you forget that you requested letters, the next time you go to the request page, you’ll see under that class that you already did it earlier. The system won’t let you send letters more than once for the same class with the same professor.
  • If you are not registered with the DRC, you will get a message letting you know that, with a link to our site so you can contact us.  You won’t be able to request letters.
  • If you are registered but have no accommodations, you will get a message to let you know that, and you won’t be able to request letters (since the purpose is to notify of accommodations).  Call our office any time with questions.

This change only impacts how letters are requested and how they are delivered. You still need to talk with your professors to work out the details of accommodations as needed.

Let me know if you have any questions, and please provide any feedback on the new system. Thanks!

– Sharon

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