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The Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology (EIT) is a key partner with industry, research, and education in the capital region of Little Rock, Arkansas. EIT is a vital part of the eco-system of the region and is an active partner with its many constituents within the state and the region. We are a metropolitan university positioned in a community and region that is innovative and is collaborative with engineering and IT professionals. Now is an exciting time to be a part of UALR EIT.

The college offers a diverse array of outstanding programs ranging all the way from Associates degrees through Bachelor’s degrees to Graduate Certificates, MS and PhD programs. These programs are offered by six different departments – Construction Management and Civil and Construction Engineering, Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering Technology, Information Science, and Systems Engineering. The academic programs are supported by outstanding faculty who are graduates of highly prestigious institutions within the US and abroad. These faculty are hard at work mentoring the students, developing cutting edge academic programs some of which are offered via a hybrid mode of delivery – classroom teaching as well as webcasting, and doing cutting edge research in areas such as robotics, cyber security, social computing, data quality, big data, virtual reality, environmental engineering and the earth sciences, materials and nanotechnology to name a few. For our future leaders in engineering and information technology, EIT offers a range of outreach programs. Several summer programs expose college aspirants to education and research in the disciplines of engineering and information technology while being mentored by our faculty. We also offer a summer program of entrepreneurship and research for graduate school aspirants that have drawn participants from all over Arkansas. It is with pride that I share the fact that EIT’s cutting-edge programs have been recognized in national surveys. EIT’s Computer Science program has been rated as one of the top most 50 innovative Computer Science programs in the nation along with institutions such as MIT and Stanford. Graduates of our programs have gone on to highly successful careers in business, industry, government and academia.

The success of EIT is due to excellence in students, faculty, and staff. Please accept our invitation to visit our campus and facilities to see what your future could be. Feel free to contact me by email at lewhitman@ualr.edu.

Lawrence E. Whitman, Ph.D.

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