David Luneau

David Luneau

David Luneau

Associate Professor of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (retired)
Personal web page: https://profiles.ualr.edu/mdl1/


M.S. Electrical Engineering
Georgia Tech University, GA

B.S. Electrical Engineering
Rice University

Research Interests

Alternative energy, specifically photovoltaic power
Solar powered boats (www.solarsplash.com)
Remote and wireless camera technology (www.ibwo.org)
Information technology (databases, spreadsheets, programming)



Analog electronics
PC data acquisition
Photovoltaics and renewable energy
System design
Application software
Computer programming
Mechanical instrumentation


Circuit Analysis I (Introduction to circuit analysis)
Electronic Devices I (diodes, transistors, power supplies, operational amplifiers)
Electronic Devices II (operational amplifiers, comparators, voltage regulators, filters)
PC Data Acquisition (LabVIEW software, PC interfacing, sensors)
Mechanical Instrumentation (LabVIEW software, PC interfacing, sensors)