Program Governance

The Ph.D. program in Engineering Science and Systems (ENSS) has program faculty drawn from five different EIT departments: Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Information Science, Engineering Technology, and Construction Management. An Engineering Science and Systems Governance Committee (ENSSGC) is constituted, the members of which are drawn from the body of the program faculty. Each of the four disciplinary tracks has a Track Coordinator. The entire program has a Graduate Coordinator who reports to the Host Department (Systems Engineering Department) Chair. An Advisory Board for the program is to be constituted, which will be the vehicle for the program to obtain valuable input from external constituencies so that the program can evolve in response to the needs of those constituencies.

Track Coordinators:
Systems Engineering: Dr. Yupo Chan
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Dr. Hirak Patangia
Telecommunications and Networking Engineering: Dr. Mariofanna Milanova
Mechanical and Materials Engineering: Dr. Jin Wook Lee

Departmental Representatives:
Computer Science: Dr. Mariofanna Milanova
Construction Management: Dr. Lashun Thomas
Engineering Technology: Dr. Hirak Patangia
Information Science: Dr. Mihail Tudoreanu